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Vince Trust

A member registered Nov 25, 2018

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Congratulations, this seems to be a very nice game. Unfortunately, it's hardly playable if you only have teleport. Why only teleport?

In addition, I would like to note that your Quest installation batch does not work for most users. It only works if you have installed the android platform tools, which probably less than 1% of the users have done and no one has a folder named "C:/Users/grbap/AppData/Local/Android/Sdk" on their computer except you. For installation you need only 3 files from the platform Tools. I have the batch (both) fixed and added the adb files:

Fun idea and actually makes fun (Quest 2). Unfortunately, the scale does not quite fit or you have veeeery long arms. I am 1.8 m tall and I am very often at the limit 馃槀

Only 15%? Wimp!馃構 But 100% is much too much for me too (With a bucket I could play it for a few minutes.)
No LOD system? Then I'm surprised it works out so well at all. Then I still have hope that it will run 100% smooth on the Quest at some point.

Something else on the side: I can't have enough options for my part but others could be overtaxed by the flood of possibilities. In our country people always say: Less is more!

Congratulations on the successful implementation of horizontal scaling! Nice that you decided to implement it. I pointed this out once and you weren't sure if it was a good idea. I've been playing for a while now and find 75% very pleasant. Finally I don't have to go on my wet terrace anymore to enjoy the game in big!

Incidentally, I have the feeling that the performance has improved a bit on the Quest. With the last versions it was always heavy jerking when enemies were involved.

BTW: I'm still waiting for my lightsaber馃槣

Thanks, purchase done!

Hello Anticleric!
First of all congratulations on this interesting project. It looks really good! If I buy the game here, do I get access to the Discord and get a Steam Key later when it is released?

Can you compile / build a Oculus Quest version? That would be sooo great!

Why fix? This could also become a feature, I thought it was actually quite nice to ride it. Jump up and get off at the next station. If you're too slow, you get through an energy barrier and get disassembled into your atoms. The train could also go round in circles and you look at the current level (sightseeing).

At least on the Quest you can cheat a little with enough playspace and jump on the train and ride along for a while. At some point you can get out again at the other end and when you get out at a place not intended for that the game crashed. Very funny!  +1    :-D

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BTW: This look麓s very interesting:

Haven't tested it yet but it seems to be a concept what you could add. I read about this concept in a trade magazine two years ago. 


Just tried it on 6mx4.5m. Very cool but also very dangerous! Therefore you need a strong VR stomach. I almost fell over 2 times :-) But cool, fun! Too bad that the demo is so small.


In the latest version I can't call the options anymore. You can open the main options window but if you select a sub-item you can only see this here and you can't select anything anymore:

Here is a logfile for you:

Greetings Vince

Thank you very much for the info! You can add this to the description above for all of us. Can't wait to test the first Alpha on a parking lot and then get hit by a car. :-D

Hope the porting works well and painlessly.  Those who created their games with Unity or Unreal have it a bit easier...

You are on the list for upcoming Quest Games:

Are they just speculating or did you make an announcement somewhere?

Today I played "Vader Immortal - Episode I" with the Quest on my terrace with a 6mx4.5m playspace. That was quite an awesome experience. So from about half there is a scene where you have to do exactly that with the light saber. Deflect lasers and throw them back to the storm troopers. If you have a quest I can only recommend the "game" and I'm not even a big Star Wars fan, but unfortunately it's not very long.

So that you don't always have to draw an additional weapon when using a light saber for distant shooting enemies, the light saber could throw back the laser/gun pellets at the same angle to the enemy. Be a Jedi for once!
My quest has arrived today! Have you already downloaded the C++ Quest SDK?  ;-D
If you're interested, a cool tech demo for the quest to use the space:

Don't you worry! If I consider that you do everything yourself and don't use Unreal or Unity, you are really super fast in expanding your project. A one-man army doesn't develop a complete game from scratch in a few weeks. A lightsaber would still be nice for later versions. I love swords in VR. And don't forget the work on the Oculus Quest version, mine should arrive Thursday. I am already quite excited.

I'd rather have a lightsaber. The Turok 2 cerebral bore wouldn't be bad, of course, only the processors and coolant would come out. Due to the narrow spaces, some types of weapons are rather unsuitable. Arrows and bows for example, or large machine-guns.

Yeah, it麓s fine now with 16x MSAA. Thanks an a good night!

Voil脿 pour vous:

First log: No weapons

Second log: MSAA 16x = Blurry display
Third log: MSAA 2x = Display clear and OK

Blurred display Video:

You can make small and short very low crawl passage which are only unique and lead into a secret room. There you could hide loot or trophies.
1. No, I haven't had that before. I have attached my logfiles from yesterday. The first should be the one with the missing weapons. I think there was a freeze on the penultimate logfile during the generation of the second round.

2. I don't know anything about the arrow, because I've never used it before or really noticed it. When activating the weapon the display did not blur for a moment. If you like I can make a video with OBS tonight.  The side LCD bar on the arm is clearly recognizable by the way.

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First of all congratualtion to the new build. I like the crawl passages very much. Too bad that you can't crawl on all fours with the controllers in your hand. By the way interesting how many new environments there are now if you only play often enough. Some come really only very rarely.
I still have two bugs for you:
1. i had it two times that i started without weapons.
2. the display for the energy levels is always blurred:

I wish you continued success!

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In the RL, no warns me before I run into walls. The pain is a good indicator that I did something wrong. :-D

I've already written that you get an optical (picture gets a red frame) or an acoustic warning (for example a sound like an electric shock). A solution of course would be to make everything black as long as you don't return to the starting point. The game Budget Cuts does this quite cleverly by fading out almost all details and turning everything green. Spying doesn't work with it: (This can only be seen for a short time, I have not found a longer example.)

Too bad that the stairs / ramps don't work. I would like to try that.
BTW: I found the video here where someone plays TFG in a very big playspace, if you don't already know that:

Yes, most people get nervous at high altitudes but in VR you get used to it very quickly. I'm afraid of heights in RL but in VR I don't mind falling down from very high altitudes. Somehow this is even fun. You could also lower the fall speed for people who are afraid of heights.

Have you solved the problem with the walls yet? If you touch the walls with the Hitbox from a certain percentage, a certain amount of energy would be drawn off (with visual and audio indication). If the hitbox touches a wall with more than 50 percent, you die.

Still have some strange ideas:
How about a chase mode? A robot you can't kill follows you from the beginning. When it reaches the player, you lose.
Due to the special way of moving in this game, it is not possible to move the game area (unless you are in an elevator). But it should work upwards or downwards. For example, you could make stairs or ramps in the game that move upwards or downwards as long as you walk on them and move. So you almost have the feeling to walk up a real ramp/staircase.  So far there are only the elevators to switch between the different floors. Ladders would also be possible. When pulling up and holding with the hands only the height of the playing field shifts. For that you would have to deactivate the falling down of course so that you can leave the area of the ladder when you reach the top.

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You're probably right about jumping, you could certainly cheat by standing on your toes. I just tried that, though: When I jump, I get about 15 cm higher than I would do with tiptoes. Of course it's exhausting! The normal HMD height would of course have to be calibrated quite accurately (automatically or manually). Ducking would of course be much easier to realize, we know this from a lot of VR games where you have to avoid some traps.

The problem with the platforms is almost too complicated for me, I can't think of anything. You know your engine better and know what is possible and what is not. Just by the way: I didn't mean jumping from platform to platform, but just walking or jumping slightly. Just like you do with elevator platforms. You can also fix a kind of pole in the middle of the platform in the ground (about 1 m high) to which you have to hold on, otherwise you are not anchored and the platform continues without you with an unsightly result for you.

The idea with the alien letters is not bad, but I know from experience that you can remember something like this only badly because it is too abstract. Letters would be better, maybe just a short anagram. What would work as well would be alien symbols and a virtual notepad where you can note down the symbols.  I have already seen something like this in some VR puzzle game. If you could build such a Stargate with a dial, it would fit well into the concept of impossible corridors. :-D

Nice of you to consider the idea of crawling. I'm looking forward to it, if it works! Had there still more stupid ideas: Small holes or ditches or holes with acid over which you really have to jump. Or movable laser barriers on the ground that you have to jump over. For this the game would have to calibrate the average HMD height while playing. What I also like very much is the maze with the many movable elevators above the gorge. One could also do such a part with independently movable platforms without railings.  If you don't timed the crossing to the next platform correctly, you fall into the canyon and die. An idea for the key search: You could discover random numbers on walls or ceilings in the level. Somewhere there is a door with a code lock where you have to enter all numbers in unimportant order to get to the next area. For this you wouldn't even need an inventory system.

How about some crawling passages? So small narrow and winding passages (ventilation shafts) at ground level? For people who are even fatter than me, you could do this optionally or adjust the height:  So 40 cm/crawl on all four or 100 cm simply crouching movement. Without controller movement this is certainly very immersive, exhausting and funny :-)

By the way: I'm still of the opinion that your game lacks a little challenging gameplay. So I do tasks like looking for keys or something like that. Otherwise I find the progress so far really good. Keep up the good work!

Yes, the touch controllers are god! I once played Serious Sam 3 BFE VR with Vive a year ago, what a crap! The Vive wands are a garbage compared to the Touch. I'd like to buy the Pimax 5k+, but not before there are some nice controllers (knuckles) on the market and there's a wireless solution for the unit. There is no return to the cable after 1.2 years of playing wireless. :-)

I'm already looking forward to the next version. I wish you continued success!

Yeah, he's having a great time. Since he has big problems with his fine motor skills, the operation of an analog stick is very difficult for him. The game is a pleasure for him because it offers a natural way of moving. Even if he sometimes runs against the walls, but children are very soft, thank God :-)

My 8 year old son also loves this game, he got along with it immediately. He now has a few hours playing time behind him and even manages the challenge. He is also "special", so don't wonder about the noises he makes:

BTW: When will the next beta be released? Would be ready to take the heavy burden of a beta tester on me, if necessary ;-)

If it hasn't been mentioned yet: The game would definitely be a big seller on the Oculus Quest. The automatic room measurement of the quest makes it perfect for this.

Just a stupid idea: Could it be that it has something to do with the Guardian Boundary Editor? We both use that tool and have the same problems. I have often had it that the field surface went beyond the blue borders, mostly with the elevators.

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For what is the switch on the terraces good (output / status). Turn off the satellite antenna? What for?
BTW: I have about 30 long sessions behind me now. Very often I do not get any further and move in a circle (come back to the same place after 5 minutes). Am I in a dead end and have previously gone somewhere wrong?
And sometimes I walk through a snow-white labyrinth and find a very small blue square room without an exit. On the left is a kind of shutter/blinds. Once I saw how it had closed before I could enter the room.

One more question: If I had a playspace of 4.5 x 4.5 m, would the corridors be wider and longer? I'm just about to expand my cellar and that would be quite a motivation, i am sometimes a little lazy :-)
Oh, and still no crashes experienced. Everything is running smoothly. Congratulations to your engine!

Thanks and regards!

As I said, the dungeon setting was just an idea for the distant future.

You can麓t handle loot properly? Thats too bad!  It would be great if you had a real task in the game. Find keys and stuff. For example,  this ancient game i played a loooong time ago:

Here is my Oculus playspace with the Guardian Boundary Editor:

The problem with the playspace is that you use the blue walls as a base and not the green playspace. The blue walls are exactly on the real walls, which makes it easy to run against the walls which is very uncomfortable. For this the Guardiansystem is not thought or suitable. It is also the first game where I turn off the Guardian system, because you are always so close to the walls and that bothers a lot when it is displayed. Incidentally, i have had games that temporarily disable or fade in the Guardiansystem permanently.
I can think of several options for calibrating:
1. A slider which reduces the entire playspace by xx percent (easy to implement)
2. Run through the playspace with a controller as in the oculus setup or press the trigger once in each corner.
3. You blend in the playspace on the ground and you change the size with the help of some points as in an image editing program when inserting a graphic.

Do not make the game endless, but more difficult with each level. With permadeath and a high score at the end which is stored in a highscorelist. That should give enough motivation to continue playing.
How about incidentally with selectable settings? For example, the current sci-fi setting with robots and laser weapons and a second setting with swords or knives in a dungeon. A space station would also be possible, since you only have to change the background with stars. Just an idea for the future...
If there is interest, I could translate the English texts into German, if at some point there is a bit more text or a tutorial (necessary, I still have not understood many things).

Just played it 40 minutes, one of my best VR experiences so far in 2 years Oculus. Despite my little playspace, it worked almost 100%. The game is really fun and actually playable. No crashes or similar. Have already paid a lot of money for VR games that were worse in the development stage.

I have two improvements there:

- My playspace is not completely square (and small). Would be cool if you have a calibration function.
- Make the demo endless, it is always sad when I'm done :-)

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This is a really great and immersive idea. Make early access and put it on Steam. I would pay something for it. Good luck!