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Note: Recorded before the new update

This game is well made, the animation of the gremlin is just good. The levels are kinda hard but it was fun, I couldn't handle my laughter when Ame ded... I'll give this an another go soon.

This is a fun short Muse Dash/Hololive EN fangame, although my skills is suck but I still have fun playing. "I JUST WANT TO ACHIEVE AN S!"

Note: If you watch the section of this game, I may have complaining a lot but this was me before knowing that there's settings. (Sorry, I haven't learn to read)

I replayed this game, again off cam and it was really fun and nostalgic, my only complains is that the voices is all over the place, a little slow while playing (probably my processor is crap). This game indeed has some potential so I'm sorry if you hear me complaining a lot

My heart couldn't handle this game, I just can't believe that a gremlin scared the heck out of me, I had a lot of fun, No complains.

Played this game first in the video, I had a lot of fun playing this visual novel. Although I didn't finish it in one go but I'll comeback playing till the end. No complains with the game whatsoever

Although I played the game so short, the experience itself was really interesting. This game brings me and huge nostalgia of old school classic horror movies. I had a lot of fun as the start of my 3RHG.

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I was about to play the pack and just realised that one game is still on the process of updating. Veinless Property is one crazy experience, taking the style of a Japanese Manga but distorted, there were no music and it was so silent that I thought something will jump on me and I have a lot of fun playing.

'Maybe another life' is... Something, the concept itself was really interesting. I thought that there's going to be a lot of scares but I was surprise the way it turn out to be (Also, the footage is so choppy so, I wasn't got the proper experience).

Overall, the two games are really fun and their concepts are really interesting. Can't wait what 4D Horror brings

I actually downloaded the game, Also, thank you for the tip. I'm planning to record my run until I win the game. Actually, the reason that the quality seems so bad is probably because the output of the video seems bad. Anyways, thank you for making this game

This game is one of the cutest Hololive Fangames I ever played. I have nothing to complain, I had a lot of fun playing the game, typing some keywords was also really something. I'll continue to play this game until I beat the overall game

I can't believe that this is just a demo, I really wanted more from this game. I had a lot of fun time (I just sounded tired but I do have fun) I can't wait to see what the full game is going to be.

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This game is one of the best Hololive Fan made games I've played ever since I fell in the rabbit hole. I liked all of the minigames and I have no complains whatso ever.

I would love you to add more Hololive Girls in this game (Including the EN and ID side if that's ok).  Looking forward about the next update of the game.

This game is really something, I'm intrigued about the concept of this game, It has a really interesting story and I'm so hooked how it ended. I can't wait to play the full game.

This game reminds me of some meta 4th wall breaks games I played and enjoy. Although kinda short, it was a fun experience. Don't get me wrong, I legit had fun playing this game. I don't know if there's an another ending to this game because of what I saw from the end.

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Kinda laggy when I started but overall, this game is really great and scary at the same time. It give me a really nostaglic vibes of some horror sci-fi retro style games that I played at the past. This is a really perfect game and I hope theres a story deep behind in this game, looking forward to play more games from you guys

This game legit scared the heck out of me, Although kinda short, it was a really fun experience. You did a greay job scaring me with the game

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When I discover this game, I was so excited to play this game cause I'm a huge fan of Haachaama. This game is really really good, I never expected this game to give me a really good scare, Although I didn't complete the game, I'll make sure to comeback play this game again. Looking forward for more games from you. On the side note, I have no complains about the gameplay except the lag

Also, If you can update the game, can you also have a game quality for laptops (you'll see why...)

I was playing this game expecting a really cheesy indie game but i exceeds my expectations. THIS GAME IS REALLY SCARY! You did me good developer, you got me scared. Looking forward to your future projects

I think this game is really interesting, It's actually really scary and I had a little fun towards the end. Here's my little gameplay of the game. 

This is a really cute game, although I struggled a lot but I litterally had a fun time playing this game. No complains tho. Also, In the end, I forgot to share the score which sad :(

This game is so scary, it's really good at scaring the player just by using sounds. It gave me chills through the whole game but I had a lot of fun playing it. I wish that this game is long with more lore behind it. I never get to see this concept of a maze game for a long time and thank you for giving my nostalgic vibe with this game. :)

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I played the game in the 2nd part of my video, this game is just to terrifying for me but I had a lot of fun playing (even though I didn't get to finish the game but overall, this game is a whole new level for me and I can't wait for the full game. Also, I found a bug which I got stuck with Saiko in the locker and she didn't kill me immediately.

Keep it up (I'll be back....)

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Hi, The names VinC, I love 8-bit games and I clearly miss playing these types of games and it's the perfect timing that I got into the rabbit hole of Hololive that I found this game. I actually like playing the game and I had a good time playing it. This game is like a breath of fresh air since there aren't many Hololive games. Looking Forward to play the whole game when it comes out.

The game overall is great, taking the concept of Isekai into Hololive is something, The story is just like your normal Isekai plot (I really want to know if they got Isekai'd by truck-kun) but from the overall plot, It's kinda simple from your typical Isekai but I know that the full game will have a better story. While playing it, I found some mistakes and bugs in the game.

-The grammar in the dialogue is a bit questionable

-When changing to reserve list, I can only see the character that I want to switch

-The background music is too loud, try turning the volume down.

Suggestion: I WANT AN 8-BIT SCREAM OF RUSHIA!!!!! (Don't take it seriously, I titled my video with this)