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Are we allowed to use royalty free assets like music and sprites?

Thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!

The play button doesnt work. I cant click it.

Sorry I forgot to make the boss do damage. This is now fixed.

Hello this marks the end of free updates for non-backers. From now on to get access to the game you will have to spend $2 or back my indiegogo for 1$.


First Boss of the game

Small tweaks to the enemy spawning

Various bug fixes

Stay tuned for future updates. :)

Hello and welcome to the first update for Sun Run Extreme!


Lobby Screen to select ships

New Art

4 new powerups to play with

Changed the sunflare to be more prominent.

That's all for now! hope you have a great day!

This is a evolving list of features planned for the game.

COOP REVAMP - New Lobby screen for up to four players. 
Players will be able to choose their ship from a pool of unlockable ships

SHIP UNLOCKS - There will be a number of ships to unlock in the game with their own special abilities.
Each ship will be chosen at random once the player obtains 4 special crafiting parts from playing the game.
Ships unlock for all players.

POWERUP IDEAS - Here is a list of the following power up ideas:
Tracking missile
Friendly Ally
Circle of Death
Spread shot
Double Shot
Reset Sun position(Rare)

BOSS BATTLES - Every certain amount of levels players will have a random boss enoucnter.
This will stop all normal enemies from spawning. Bosses will have typical patterns to avoid and speical attacks.

PERMANANT POWERUPS - Every could of levels the player will be granted with a random powerup.
Powerup will change thw way the ship behaves.

If you have any feedback or suggestions post it here so I can see it.

Sun Run: Extreme community · Created a new topic Bugs

Please post any bugs you see here!

I'm going to post patch notes here for everyone to see.