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thanks for the feedback! i’ll have a look at text visibility. any suggestions on potential visual elements/effects are also super welcome!

thanks sm for the feedback and for letting me know abt the coding error!! unfortunately editing the text effects is a little beyond my coding capabilities atm but i’ll have a look! in the meanwhile, feel free to check out my less experimental main wip - oath

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ahh thank you so much!!

omg the nemesis ambition,, genuinely one of my favs from fallen london and one that absolutely devastated me. soo hyped to see a game abt it

thanks sm for the feedback! there are definitely a few yet-to-be-revealed reasons behind the way the mc is acting (and tbh a few doylist reasons re: laziness and smaller side project haha) but i would absolutely love to hear any suggestions for other actions or choices you think the mc should have a choice to take!

as a guy who is notoriously normal about vampires i just think this is neat. so so normal about the act of devouring as holiness and damnation in one and the way intimacy and sacrilege and bloodshed are inseparably entwined here, each permeating the other. pretty cool stuff

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(I don’t know if any of this counts as spoilers)

Wearing a shirt that says “sure xe’s a red flag but red’s one of my favourite colours so what about it” and when I turn around it says “my guy given the aliens and the private company that fakes your death and removes your identity so it can kill you if you’re no longer an asset I don’t know if traditional morality applies in the exact same way all the time” (the text is very small) and then when I turn around again I’m somehow holding a sign that says “GET FOUND FAMILY’D, IDIOT”

Anyway Nash’s character makes me feel secret emotions but if R thinks xe’s getting away with this unbefriended that is xir mistake.

what if im obsessed w binary star relationships

love the premise love the art love the writing ! what if i printed out every frame of this game and steeped it in a rly nice tea

back again & still obsessed ♥️

been trying to think of a cool comment but like really all I can say is omg holy shitt ♥️♥️♥️

thanks for telling me! will check to see if there's some slapdash fix i can integrate haha


you're not being a bother at all! there def should be another faded bit of text - i'll check some different browsers & see if I can find anything! thanks again

thanks for letting me know! just had a look - might have to do with it being the first longer passage but couldn't find anything else that might be off. does anything seem to be up with the scrollbar?

omg u have an! hyped!!

holy shit

this is psychological horror. to me. for reasons. 

can i give it 15 stars???

ok so im obsessed w this

Aww thank you!!!

thanks!! working on that next part!

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ahh thank you so much!

oh immediately intrigued 👀

just finished the game and my god it's so gorgeous. all the characters are so well developed and their stories are deeply compelling. there's something simply so uniquely sweet and there is a depth of compassion amongst the frankly APPALLING (affectionate) puns. A delicately crafted game that DID make me tear up at times. 10/10 meowraculous

ngl I know I've already left a comment but I come back to this game every so often. i'd call it a comfort game but it's really far too dynamic and intriguing for that label I think. (the worldbuilding!) it's honestly incredible that this is a demo and a first project??? hello?? 

also listen i'm enamoured with Reed but I promise it's not just because i was one of Those queers with one of Those high school friendships y'know? it's also because of how good your characterisations, writing, and art are. anyways, so hyped for your future and ongoing projects it's unbelievable. 💛💛

oh, i'm hooked. what the FUCK

this is stunningly drawn and quietly devastating. the concept is incredibly beautiful

thank you sm for the comments!! i am to please - by which i mean write questionable angst!

so glad I’m able to find this again after encountering it on dashingdon. one of my fav wips atm. love love love this

Been following this ever since I found it on choicescript and I'm literally obsessed!! The writing is so vibrant and the UI is just absolutely stunning. I did have a minor question about the pronoun variables in the section "After another scoff, the Magesmith rolls her shoulders", that I just noticed while replaying but I might just be confused and sleep deprived! 

This is honestly such a gorgeous piece of work, from the worldbuilding to plot and execution, and I can't wait to see the future updates

heya! just found this and gotta say I love the premise. can’t wait to find out more about the characters, esp Judda and Aeral (already halfway obsessed with them and the lovely dynamics they have with the PC ngl!!)

that's one way to get urself a himbo

oh my god ! ! ! 

what a cool fun game with no subtext whatsoever! 

oh, this is strangely sweet and i do hope that saying that doesn't put me on some kind of list. tempted to write an essay on how its a metaphor for the stress of social performativeness and link it to some deeply wild and obscure psychological theory. 

This made me cry???

I know it said "3k words, all sad" upfront but somehow i was very taken aback and quite frankly affronted by just how emotional this made me. 10/10 very nice

oh, this is such a powerful mix of lovely and sad.

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I... sad. I am very sad. This game has made me very sad thank you for making it