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Vilarchim - Let's Play Artist

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Best thing to do is use your will power to grow the crops by producing rain. This will increase your food resources for a time, but it will eventually decrease. Best thing you can do is play the market with what resources you have, what you have in abundance sell and what you don't buy.

Retrace - | FATE or DESTINY ? |

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Just got done playing your game and oh my goodness that ending was absolutely chilling, freaky and I did not, and it's apparent in the video I made. I did not see that ending coming, I was totally blown away. Anyway I tried to give your game the quality it deserved by making an edited video. Video will be up soon. My thanks for you allowing me to play it, it being a demo would make me think that a possibility for a new  ending could be possible???//

 When my girlfriend sees this video she is going to think weird thoughts lol

I really appreciate the design of the game, the funny cut-scenes really brought depth to the game.

Valory - GO AFTER HIM !

The cluckening lol

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My thanks to the developers for their amazing game. It fun, and so entertaining for me. I really liked the story and the changes.

Thank you so much for your reply. Currently I am making a video of your game, hopefully you will like it. I had a fascinating time playing it.

So I making a video of your game, but I don't even know how to exit it. I even used control delete and your game becomes unresponsive and then I can't even click my task manager and eventually I had to just shut off my computer. Tried several times with the same issue. Love the setup of the game though, but I think it's important that I note this. Please don't take my comment as critical or harsh, just needed some help with how to get out of this game.

That's gotta be the most impressive choock farm ever. But does it play fortnite?

The Looking Glass - THIS IS SO COOL !

Watch my video or another one on Youtube. Click a link of the many people below or join the discord

But are you planning on an update or is this the full game?

Appreciate you getting back to me so quickly, thank you. Video coming soon

Where it says click the spacebar twice and make the jump, my spacebar only clicks once. I tried multiple times, don't know if I am doing something wrong. I would love to make a video of your game. Please get back to me.


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My thanks to the developers and the humor that it brought me. It's so awesome to find games on that really bring a smile to your face and create amazing fun at the same time. Sincerely Vilarchim

When will your next update be, and any constructive criticism you can give me to make better videos on your game?

Arque Skies - CLOUD WARS

IMPORTANT, I want to say to the developer thank you. I appreciate it so much that you allow me to play your game. It was so much fun and it blew my mind and set me at ease into a good mood. On a further thought, I did encounter some frame issues that are present in lets play as well as a few audio issues. I feel these are possibly on my end and will hopefully be putting up a better video up once I figure those out. The frame issues dip way low when I entered buildings and then continued once I was outside the building, after several minutes they would even out and the frame was perfect. Like I said, this may be on my end, but it didn't stop me from falling in love with this creation. It's upgrading and story driven utopia with in the clouds really sent me into heaven. Thank you so much and my sincere appreciation. ~ Vilarchim

Dead Ghouls - CRAZY

Obsolete - FNAF?


I really appreciate you giving me the opportunity to play your game. I had never played FNAF but this was such a good introduction into the realm of those types of games. Just wanted to show my appreciation for the awesome graphic design, and the atmospheric feel. Can't wait to see where this series takes me. Have a wonderful day.

Thanks so much to the developer for allowing me to play this. Awesome fun and heart STOPPING !

Dead Ghouls - CRAZY

ℂ𝕣𝕖𝕠 𝔾𝕠𝕕 𝕊𝕚𝕞𝕦𝕝𝕒𝕥𝕠𝕣 - 𝕍𝕖𝕣𝕤𝕚𝕠𝕟 𝟘.𝟘.𝟚

I made sure to tag the version it is. This was more of a dramatic fire episode, but I will also do a lets play of the economy trade system when you have that update up.

It really is my pleasure to a play this game. Thank you so much for allowing me to do so. I plan to play any more updates, and all I ask is for any tips that you think would bring a larger audience to my lets plays.

Been working really hard on another lets play video. This one will showcase the destruction of bad decisions. Really like how you applied well system to being so detrimental if not taken seriously. Video should be up by tonight. Hope you like it, keep those updates coming and I will keep the lets plays going.


Thanks so much, I hope you like the lets play. I edited it and it will be up this morning. Had a lot of fun

Defentures community · Created a new topic HELP

Hello there, this is Vilarchim. I have been making a very humorous lets play of your game. But on the main page I see you don't have a spot where people could see my walk-through. So I want to give you publicity but I don't know where my post will be seen. Need help lol, pretty please.

Hello there, this is Vilarchim. I have been making a very humorous lets play of your game. But on the main page I see you don't have a spot where people could see my walk-through. So I want to give you publicity but I don't know where my post will be seen. Need help lol, pretty please.

【Baleful Demo】░-░ ░B░L░O░O░P░E░R░S░

I would really like to play any updates or new areas of the game you release. I promise to do a full walkthrough and would love too.

Thanks so much, I would really like to keep playing. And if you would tell me when you release more updates or new areas of the game. I promise to do a full walk-through.

【Creo God Simulator】