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If you're looking into the comments unsure of the game let me just tell you: buy it right now. Do not even claim the community copy, go pay the 12 bucks, it ain't much and it's absolutely worth your money.

One of the best gm-less storytelling/worldbuilding games my group has ever played. We went for the Count of Saint Lazare playbook (because otherwise we would get stuck on worldbuilding for 2 hours, thank you for the option) and it was an absolute blast. I really liked the amount of flexibility even the premade world and characters allowed, each of the players had a Conspirators who was vile and detestable in the exact way they enjoyed (Pierre-Voclain yoU BASTARD). Prompts were fun, structure was great and art was inspiring. The only suggestion I could really give is that some of the epilogue questions assume the Conspirators to be still alive and yet it is impossible to reach the end without feeling a deep need to kill all of them off, thus rendering the choices for questions quite limited (mostly suggesting it as a joke but it was an actual issue my group encountered lol). My friend already suggested we play Arcadia Prime with a slightly different group in the near future and I cannot wait.

PS: Appreciate the Miro board. It is absolutely stellar. The single best one I've seen for any rpg so far.

Leaving my review public in the comments, because I truly love this game and hope this encourages someone who was on the fence about buying it to do it, because it's so worth it.

I play worldbuilding games with one of my friends on semi regular basis and, after our session of Exquisite Biome ended (which it did but a couple minutes before I started writing this comment), we both agreed this is one of the best sessions we've had so far. The prompts are the highlight here, every time they inspired something we would have never thought of ourselves and drastically changed not only our entire idea of the creature but the entire ecosystem (ex. a transparent flyer squid-like creature turned out to have captivating eyes, which we then decided bear a resemblence to fruits that are common in the area, which completely transformed them into ambush predators and came up in nearly every scene afterwards). They also almost always lead us to follow up questions, which even further developed the world in interesting ways. The freeform structure of the game never stopped us from these tangential discussions about proprioception, blood color and whatnot, which I really appreciate. It never felt like anything here ever tied us down, we were free to go as wild as we wanted and provided all the tools to do so, which I think is the best approach in this kind of games. The whole thing is also decorated with this stellar artwork (with a really interesting and pretty color palette), which, aside from just being very nice to look at, also serves to inspire many ideas. 

Overall, one of my favorite worldbuilding games so far. I will certainly come back to it, not only with my friend to continue further building this ecosystem, but also with other people.

Played it yesterday with my friend and it went amazing. I wasn't sure about some of the rules when I first read the book, but there were no issues during the actual play. I am in love with every single character we made and I heavily recommend buying the book to everyone who's considering it.

Would love a stock photo to work with, thanks

I've been a fan of beany for months now. He was one of the reasons I bought my first tablet and starting drawing dumb shit for fun. When I went into this story, I knew it would be great, but god damn. A very fun read, loved the ending, 10/10