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Wanna add some advise from my perspective

We start each jam from finding all definitions, synonyms and antonyms of the theme, then we take 15-30 min break, when every member of the team try to find a unique idea or spot some interesting ways to look at this theme or mb even find a game related to one of the topics. After this we start a brainstorm, when everyone writes down and explain every thought, that he came up with. After everyone "came out" with their ideas, we start to discuss if we can actually develop this idea in a few days, isn't it too complicated and so on. 

So in this case we have some good ideas but decide that the idea with shadows is pretty cool (in all meanings :D) and not very difficult to implement. 

That's more theoretical explanation of how we  generally search for ideas for our projects

For me as a player it wasn't obvious, will this little guys run, or not. It seems to be a little bit unfair.  If you would give a player some clues like: different  types  of humans moves differently - person with hat will stand still, person with shoes - walk around; or show their paths,  it would be more interesting for me to create stratagy. Planning could be a great puzzle part in this game!

I liked idea  a lot, but game needs polishing. Good luck!

Really liked this small customisation you made. It's cute and minimalistic enough, but i really felt like it was made by a kid. And it was great!

But there is no balance in it, if i can make perfect boat without losing anything. It makes me no choice except to make a perfect boat :D  Then it's not clear for me as a player, why is my boat slowing down: i have some guesses, but because the game doesn't provide me a reliable visual answer (i can see only flags) i keep messing up a little bit.

Like your game. With a little polish it would be awesome to play in a company.

Running by using your legs indeed was funny. Liked it! About visual design, i think it  would be clearer to make a heatwave (definitely dangerous and harmful for player) more aggressive-looking, by using red or orange colour, that are always strongly associated with danger. It wasn't obvious that ice-cubes will attack this wave, because they are both light-blue :D

Idea to use heat as something that helps you and kills at the same time is great. About art - it's not often clear, where is the background and where is objects, that have collision.  Maybe you can make some colour correction, or something like this to help player with it little bit.

Art is simple and clear. Suits your game. Rules are as simple  as they should be to remain omfortable and understandable. But it's really hard to adapt as fast, as games wants you to. Maybe you could give player a little time to get used to it: spawn first customer alone, give player more time to make first drink and serve it, and only then spawn two more customers, adjusting the level of difficulty consistently. Liked it a lot, but it was harsh at first two attempts :D

Agree with comments below - you have lots of mechanics in your game, that player have no use to learn. It will be cool to see more complex level-design, that gives sevel opportunities to use your features in every level.  And it would be great not only to show all mechanics, but to teach player, how to use them.

Liked your art a lot. This cut-scene is really minimalistic and short, but it tellsa stiry well. Good luck!

The fact that we have only one life and really slow and long jump makes platformer little bit too hardcore. But in opposite when you realise that you can be "bulletproof" even without a gun by  self-igniting, it becames too easy. I guess it will be better to find balance between this too phases.

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If i understood well, main idea is that you can't collect coins and even jump a lot, in order to not increase the heat level. And if it's really what you meant - i am amazed. That's awesome not only to dodge from your enemies, but also dodge from "bonuses" and try not to jump so much  too. Liked it!

Like the narration, but totally agree with DreamVeloper about  speed up the letters. Reading a lot faster than it's default speed.

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Often it's not clear, what can i  click on the location. Or is there anything more to click. It will be a lot more comfotable to show it somehow. 

Liked your style a lot. Was it drawn on paper first?

Like your style a lot - neat and bright. In conbination with this music it was hilarious to play! And endings were cool and unexpected. Good luck!

We don't actually have time to introduce any other mechanic, but we have a lot of them in plans(like water and lamps)!

Btw, you will look at carpet in a fresh way at last levels of chapter 2

P.S. did you discover you can rotate levels in preview?:D

Great and simple managment game. Was fun to play it! Style is awesome too. Good luck!

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Text-based and visual novel become a game, interesting one, if only it has meaningful choices. "Killing heat" can't be fully  named a game - it is really good-looking, pleasant and stylish story, but as a player i was dissapointed not to find any ways to influence this story for a long time (it took me 5 minutes to find the first choice). Take a look on a classic text-games (Emili Short games for example) and award-winning text-games ("The uncle who works for Nintendo").

Wish you good luck with your futher games!

Hallucinations were sudden and funny (it was unexpected to find cheese :'D).  Atmosphere is great too. I was feeling unconfident walking under a heat - "am i doing this right?".  Suspence is definately a feature in your game. 

It so cool that your game can be understood without any large  tutorial. It was enough just to press play and grab the first cube.

Good luck!

It would be good casual game, with some modifiers, bonuses and rating system. Something like simple casual arcade. Good luck!

Mechanic with hand was interesting and unexpected. It works nice as a narrative thing too - loved it a lot! (but didnt understand, whaat should i do with hand to pass the plant. Not so obvious)

It's not so obvious what you should do to win. Theme is not expressed either. It would be great if you add some tutorial.
Good luck

Gameplay was exciting for me, as a casual player.  Entertaining and simple! Like your style a lot - recognizable and accurate.  Good luck!