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Nice game, love the water reflection ideia.

Nice art and mechanics!, but I don't getted the history ;-; ...

Good short! Can you send me the Monalisa wallpaper? 😂

Best dialog game I ever played. Wonderful art and history. It's crazy how I relate with May. I'm from Brazil, happily a have some English skills. My suggestion is translate to others languages. I'll donate as soon as I can.


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Very cool mechanics and ideias. It would be interesting to have an online mode with a small improvement in graphics.

Cool ideia, but in 5 minutes you start to see the same things, like a cycle. 

I meet this game and this platform by a brazilian youtuber called Tropia. I have never ever seen a kind of game like this before and I liked a lot. There is a lot of potential.  My suggestion is  create a system where you can send letters specifically to a person. 

(sorry for my bad English)