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A member registered Mar 08, 2020

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nice game can't wait to play full version

thank you for the game man very spooky and make me scream haha

very good game and i enjoy a lot 

very good game and i enjoy to play it, little scary but fun

good game very enjoy it

the jumpscare got oh my god very good game nicely

love it so interesting and i'll be waiting !

nice game very like

very enjoy the game nice

really enjoy the game i hope you can make a game more perfectly keep going!

very positive from me

dude i cannot play your game it say "there should be "Project Manequin_data" i have that but the game cannot lunch

sorry if my english bad hehe

i really enjoy this game, i hope this game  full released

nice game i enjoy it

this game is so good thank you for making a good game !