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A member registered Mar 08, 2020

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Very interesting game and the story is good and the jumpscare verygood

very interesting game i hope there lot from this


very unique game i hope there more map 

i hope more story about nail head overall this game is very good

very good game and the story very tragic 

you game is very scary i do like how you make a doll move like that

keep it up!

hahaha what a sick game

keep it up bro i hope this is little longer


this is your story?

I'm sorry for what you're going through, I hope you're fine and keep spreading kindness no matter how small.

For the game, I hope there will be jumpscare and scary music background to make the game tense.

even though it's like that I really like the design of the bunny it's very cute and I love it

keep it up bro

amazing demo i hope you fix the stamina because is too short haha

but still amazing game amazing project i hope you still healthy

indonesia youtuber here...

this so good and i love the design buto ijo and  the story is really cool

i hope there is another ghost that we must hunted

what a creepy game haha love it

but i hope there is a good ending and we can save wooly

RIP Wooly

funtastic game


spectacular game and monster, but the monster chasing us like a chicken haha but your game is amazing, keep it up brother dan keep free hahaha

waaaaaawwww make me creepy but i enjoyed it


hahaha this game make me tremor but the is too  short, still very fun and im enjoy it

keep it up brother

great game and music in this game make me feel scared every walk niceeeeee

epic game and very scary i hope this game little bit longer but still fun

i really know you style i will be waiting you work

keep it up nice jumpscare btw

i thought this game will be long but still i enjoy to play it

that was the creep game good one

you mean case 3 will be like Limbo game ?

i hope don't

what a game !!!!!!!!

you do it very well my friend, your game make me hold my breath a minute good job

i really want to see full the game 

keep it up my friend

wow the is so intens an so chellenging

keep it up cant wait the case 3

wow nice game your game is so good

keep it up man

nice work max

very good game

im one of your subcriber and i love you play indi horror game. the that you made is very nice very good graphic and make me jump keep it up man !

thank you beacause this game my youtube channel got more viewr and subscriber very nice and very scary horror game

nice game horror from swedish very scary and make me jump little bit haha

nice nice

nice game nice graphic make me jump little bit and scary

nice game and verygood detail, in the last one thats make me little jump hahaha

nice game can't wait to play full version

thank you for the game man very spooky and make me scream haha

very good game and i enjoy a lot 

very good game and i enjoy to play it, little scary but fun

good game very enjoy it

the jumpscare got oh my god very good game nicely

love it so interesting and i'll be waiting !