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Apolysis (Demo) community · Created a new topic super hot

the visuals and atmosphere of this game are beautiful, evocative, sharp, horrific, passionate. super hot.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! Ya the camera rotation was causing a lot of people problems that I fixed in a new update, so that way if vsync is off you can still play without nausea lol

Glad it resonated with you! Ya the texturing was def inspired by a lot of  games I played as a kid. I remember even back then thinking they looked bizarre and a little creepy.

Very peaceful - yet a bit melancholy - experience. Some of the scenes (like smoking the ciggie on the balcony) made me a bit emotional actually.  Beautifully made.

Yes those were the ones I was missing! Thanks. Was that aircraft carrier section inspired by metal harbor from SA2 by any chance?

Great game! But I can't for the life of me find the last six stars in windy ocean. Do you have some sort of guide for the stars?

Thank you! Ya I think this game works better with more content, so it was maybe a bit overambitious for my first game ever lol. 

The turning is tetheted to framerate, which I unfortunately didn't realize in a timely manner to deal with. If you turn on vsync though the turning is much more cooperative!

Nice! That's really cool.

such a beautiful and atmospheric game. the controls were tricky initially, but it was a fun challenge to figure them out. can i ask what you used for texturing? was it low quality photographs? or downscaled textures you made yourself? either way they're very well-done.