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Your game was the last one I looked at in a video I made about the LD jam, but that's because I was saving the best for last! I really liked the concept of this one, and the execution could have been better. The game was confusing initially. I had trouble figuring out how the racing, stars, and track building intersected. But once I did I had a blast! Some other concerns I had about the game I mention in my video, namely an issue I had with the controls. Otherwise, this is a really solid entry!

Hiya! I took a look at your game in a video I made recently about the LD game jam. I'm a fan of shmups, and this game was an interesting take on the shmup mixed with rhythm games. I do feel that the rhythm elements are severely understated. If I didn't know that this game was a mix of these two genres, I would think it's just another shmup but with groovy music. (Seriously, the music is great. Whoever of you 3 made the music did a great job) My thoughts on your game are more developed in my video, but overall, I enjoyed playing your game and look forward to what you make next!

I think this is a really good base to build something more off of. I took a look at your game in a video I made about the LD game jam recently. I share the complaint that the dialogue noise being annoying. I also had some issue with the enemies that I talked about in my video, specifically how I died a bunch because I couldn't distinguish between strong and weak enemies. Overall I think it's pretty good, especially considering it was made in a weekend.

Hi! I featured your game in a recent video I did about the Ludum Dare 41 jam. I really liked the combinations of genres you have here. I had some frustration initially with the combat, but overall I really liked it. It felt very rogue-like to me, and I dig it. The sprite work was also well done in my opinion. It was very short, but considering it was made in a weekend that is understandable.

I really enjoyed playing your game! I think it is good, especially for your first game by yourself. I took a more critical look in a video I made. It's mostly what I liked and didn't like about this game, and I hope it has some useful feedback to help make your future endeavors better.

Overall, I really liked the gameplay and aesthetics. I mention in my video some (few) gripes I had with the game. Hope this helps!