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"MIGHT" do linux and OSX. MIGHT.

this game is confusing. There is no instructions or any  sort of tutorial to teach you what you're doing.  I'm fine with teaching through mechanics but this is not how you do it!

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This a prime example of simple but effective. This game is fast paced and relaxing at the same time.

Rating 10/10 :)

While i love surrealist games, and most of this was really good, I think that the beginning portion could have been shortened. Maybe you shake hands with only 5-6 people because after that the message kinda sinks in.

Rating 7/10

I really enjoyed it! I love how you randomized parts of it so you couldn't go on memory. I beat with 26 seconds remaining.

Rating: 9/10

Notes: I can see this game being great for speedrunners

i completed the game and it was quite fun! it was a little easy and i wish it had more levels but for a game completed in 48 hours? its great! I don't have a preference over the old or new textures as they are both good in their own ways.

Rating: 8/10

I think if it had more levels, this could easily be a steam release