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1. Wastes glassifier charges (this is the biggest one)

2. Deals damage to nurses, friendly turrets, and secret area crystals when you don't want it to

3. Triggers nonstop counterattacks from the secret boss

4. Sometimes finishes off an enemy when you wanted to get a death trigger off of them (eg soul eating spell)

While I'm complaining, also not a fan of losing nurses to automatic enemy explosions, but I guess that can be planned around, unlike the drone which never stops shooting when you dodge.

OK for the love of god, PLEASE allow us to either drop artifacts or refuse to pick them up. I keep getting the Spazdrone and it's almost always more detrimental to me than it is beneficial and I hate it.

Not bad. Though probably too easy; the hardest enemies were the hopping guys.

How do you get that extra weapon in the final level? I couldn't find a way to get to it.

Interesting game, if a bit shallow. Here's my three pieces of constructive criticism:

1. enemies restoring health when killed isn't a bad mechanic, but the fact that the druid necromancer spawned monsters made him pathetically easy, because any time I got low on health I just backed off, waited for him to spawn stuff, and killed it for easy health. So yeah, take that into consideration.

2. The Dark Souls sounds are probably placeholders, but the don't fit with the graphics so something a bit more fitting might be warranted.

3. Lefty was just annoying. The entire fight was hold your shield out, wait for him to spin attack, beat his ass when the spin attack is over or when he tries to heal, repeat ad nausium. Probably want to add something to that.

Oh, and I didn't find the secret boss. Any hints on where he is?