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I hope this isn't a duplicate post; itch gave me a "we're having problems with our servers" message, so I'mma try to repost. 


Alright, the main content is a bit out of my taste range, but I was absolutely blown away by the stance-based combat system. It's genius! The flow between stances, management of footwork and stamina, and the grapple system...

Lemme be honest with you. I'm a DM. I wanna homebrew this into Dungeons and Dragons 5e. This combined with the Witcher TTRPG armor rules could make for a fantastic PvP system for tabletop gaming.

Any way I could pay to have you send me the details of the combat system and all of the non-erotic skills? (That'd be everything in the Balanced, Defensive, Offensive, Blitz, Berserk, Haymaker, Focus, Stonewall, and Counter stances.) I have zero interest in creating video games and competing with you. I merely want to homebrew the combat system into my D&D games.

I figured worst I could get was a No, so why not ask? Thanks for reading!

I was gonna buy the hell out of this, with the whole 100 planned characters, but last update was 2 years ago? And Days 1-4 aren't available? Yeah, think I'll pass till I see some activity.