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So I'm working on removing all of the H-scenes from the main story and putting them in each character's side story. That way nobody is forced to do stuff with a character they don't like. All of the H-scenes will be in the Free Time sections where you explore and deepen your relationships with the girls.

Haha sorry. I ran out of room in the middle of the damn scene and had to continue it in the next season. I'm working on a rewrite that will put all content into one game. 

Absolutely! There will be more of ALL the girls eventually.

Thank you so much! That's exactly what I set out to do when combining these two genres. Glad to know it's appreciated. Feel free to hop into the Discord as well!

It picks up precisely in the middle of that conversation, yes. I ran out of room and couldn't finish the scene, because the game would no longer fit on Android devices if I did. So I was forced to split it. 

Note, you won't be able to load your S1 save yet. Just create a new Season 2 playthrough after you download it :)

I wish I could take credit for the idea lol. As stated, this one came from Raffael. I'll be sure they know you're a fan of the idea

You would not beLIEVE the amount of shit I got from the community for even mentioning the word "sandbox." Had half the players ready to drop the game over one word lol. I opted for more of a happy medium lol. Hope you enjoy it!

Damn, that's high praise. Those are big names. Thanks so much for sharing it; word of mouth is the BEST advertising, and this series needs eyes more than anything lol. Can't wait to see what you think of Season 2, as it opens up more with how you're able to choose who you spend your free time with. We have a Discord, too, where I routinely ask the community how they feel about designs and story bits, and people get to vote on stuff. Would love to see y'all there!

I use Github Desktop so that I can work on 2 separate machines primarily lol. But it is LONG updated since then. I appreciate it, though!

It was originally intended to be the end of the build, but as I stated before, I ran out of space when it came to Android users so I was forced to end the game there. I haven't updated Season 1 since then, and I can't update it because I've made massive changes to the game file, file structure, and even some rewrites. The rework combines Season 1 and Season 2 into the same game with new tech, and is not ready yet, so I can't fix the language at the end of Season 1 because the game file is now radically different and still in progress. I won't be able to update it until the full rewrite and rework is complete.

How the unholy F*** did you get Koikatsu to look this good? I will pay for this knowledge. Seriously. Discord me @victorseven I need to know.

I have to do some major reorganizing before I can make more scenes for her, and she'll likely make a return once I combine the two games into one. So once the Season 1 rewrite is done and I have my compression methods nailed down, we'll be good to go! She's got a super interesting story and I'm sad I can't take it further right now. 

... that is so shitty. Well, at least people can mention WCA in the comments.

If you're talking about the scene where you have the choice to go back into the book or text Gillie, it's not a bug. Try going back 10 times in a row :)
If there are any other instances, hop in the Discord and let me know in #wca-questions in case there's a bug I don't know about

Thank you so much!

This is a really interesting art style. What engine/software are you using to make the characters?


But yes. The answer is yes, that's where Season 1 ends, and no, you can't load your Season 1 save because Season 2's variables are different. Just start a new game for now :)

I ran out of space in Season 1 due to the apk size limit on Android devices being 2GB. Season 2 doesn't support save transfer yet, so just start a new game and enter your name again. There is currently nothing in Season 2 that is affected by your choices in Season 1.

However, when I do the rework, it will all be one game, and you won't need to worry about separate games and separate downloads. This is temporary. Hope you enjoy S2!

VN devs are probably gonna be your biggest market. Right now, the most robust tools we have are IllusionSoft games like HS2, Ai Shoujo, and Koikatsu. And of course DAZ. A new tool with maps made and submitted by the community, tools for making nonhuman characters and human characters alike, and maybe some animation packs for those of us who can't animate could go a long way towards this becoming  a new standard. I understand about the licensing, though; that's definitely something to be factored in.

I think the easiest feature to implement is to allow rendered shots to have an alpha channel to automatically give them a transparent background. That way, VN creators can at least make sprites of the characters they've created. And, of course, a way to pose them.

Hey! Just stumbled upon this. Will you allow model exporting for Blender and other programs? Could make this a very useful tool for VN devs, especially those of us who are stuck with IllusionSoft games as our bases.

Hmm. I'd heard somewhere that S2 was triggering false positives. I'm nearly finished with what I want to do for the next build, so hopefully the next update will fix it. 

It's a banger lol

WCA Season 2 is out and available for all to play!

Haha well, welcome back. We have a Discord :)

Sorry, that was a leftover thing from when I thought all these side stories were going in the first Season. I'm working on phasing that out.

Alright, so it turns out that Android builds are natively built without the RPA files. Theoretically, you should be able to drop the newly purchased RPA file into the "game" directory where Android installed your version of WCA and gain access to the character just like on PC. Will have to test with a free DLC character, I think.

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Okay so. I was trying out a few writers, and there was a lot of experimenting, particularly in Jade's story. Nothing past I think the B scene is being kept but I'll definitely take a look at the other ones. Thank you so much!

Hey, thank you so much. It means a ton.

What is light, without the dark to compare it to?

That's a great idea. I'm no coder but I'll try to figure out how to do that. 

I have to agree to let them share it and sell it, too. 

Thank you so much for the feedback!

Nope. You don't really need one; this is a mostly linear prologue to the rest of the story, and most of the choices are for flavor. The Gallery is a tiny bit misleading, as I think there are only 6 or 7 H-Scenes in the first game, and I thought I was gonna have room for a ton more before I ran out of room. Eventually I'll get back to this and update it, but I'm hard at work on the sequel, which you can play at once you've finished this one :)

Be sure to get Season 2!

Thwarting my plans?

I couldn't resist lol. Thank you for the kind words. 

So you're on Windows. I wonder if you're running out of memory while the game is open. Do you make sure all your web browsers and other programs are closed when you play? If not, try that.

That's so weird. What platform are you playing on?

Hey, that's a new one. I'm looking at the code right now, and there's nothing that should be causing it to crash. Are you able to hit "Ignore" at the bottom and continue the game normally?