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Hey thank you so much! And no worries on the financial stuff. Anyone can help the game out by sharing it with like-minded friends and people!

Thank you for your input! I'm approaching the 1.0 release of Season 1, so a large portion of my time is going to be spent going back and polishing up little issues like this.

Damn! Powered through it!


That's a great point. Thank you!

I appreciate it more than you know! The story is very important to me.

I'm glad you appreciate the effort I put into these interactions!

Absolutely. I write these things with a purpose, and I already know where her story is going. Thank you for your feedback and I'm happy you enjoyed it!

That's the Goblin Slayer, isn't it? And my Goblins are precious :P DON'T SLAY THEM!

That profile picture tells me you don't belong anywhere NEAR our precious new members lol

What do you mean by full release? Android is actually one step ahead of PC and Mac at version It's available for download here on itch.

Thank you so much!

No worries! All feedback is welcome!

I posted the schedule right here:

I mean, I can be slow af myself a lot of the time lol

I'm guessing you may have followed somewhat recently? I do this kind of release schedule every time I release a story update to the game. It'll happen again when I release Saturday and Sunday. 

 In this particular update, you get Thursday with Ember and Friday with no escort. You'll get to learn what's under the beach, what's really going on with the Marbog and who might be behind it, start discovering links between a couple of characters' stories, learn River's big secret, make Wither smile finally, and meet a new goblin girl.  And more. I don't wanna spoil the whole patch for you. 

The Devlog explains it pretty well. I dunno why you're confused. 

The first people who get access to a brand new build are my Tier 5 Supporters, who pay $75 a month to have me work on a custom character and custom story in the game for them. The longer they stay on that tier, the more scenes their custom girl gets. And they get instant access to every new build.

On November 1st, I'll drop the price to $25 and give access to my Tier 4 Supporters, who pay $25 a month for early access. 

On November 8th, the price drops to $10 to match what my Tier 3 peeps pay. 

And so on and so forth. The prices match what the Supporters are paying for early access. I drop the price whenever a new Tier gains access to the game. This is because a lot of people can't or don't want to use Patreon or SubscribeStar, but they still want to support the game and play the newest builds early. 

TL;DR: It'll be free in less than a month. Be patient and it won't cost you a penny. 

Her name is Saffryn and she's my absolute favorite. If you're not already in the Discord, hop on in if you can! I share and discuss little previews like this all the time! I even take community suggestions for new characters when we're not working on T5 creations

Little sneak preview for ya :)

So if I were to tell you I made more goblins...

Just update. Should work for most content releases. If it doesn't, lemme know or pop into the Discord and we'll help ya out.

Glad my story can hold up that long lol

Then you'll probably want to wait until maybe the Saturday Sunday update, because we're changing our _met variables from boolean to integer, and that's likely gonna invalidate a lot of save files. This is to work better with our new Character Book feature that should be released in the Saturday/Sunday update. 

The scene in question that's being rewritten is a scene that would occur on the Friday you haven't played yet, so don't worry, nothing you've seen so far is getting redone. 

Hahaha thank you :P

I see you noticed a little something. lol

The only thing I can think of is it might be a memory/storage issue. Apps tend to misbehave when your phone is low on storage. If there are any games you don't play, try uninstalling and freeing up some space, then run it again. Might need to start a new save in case the bugs are in the save file.

Thank you so much, and good to know!

That's really interesting. I have almost no ability to bugtest on Android, but I find it's usually hardware related. Huawei devices don't seem to run the game well and bug out during the texting events. What device are you running? Would you like to hop into the Discord and discuss?

Thank you

The one with the short red horns is an upcoming character with a rather complicated story. She's been in the planning phase since before the game was launched, and I'll probably introduce her during the Security Arc, which is next after the Janitor Arc concludes. 

The other one is a Shadow Dragon, and was created by one of our T5 Patreon supporters :)

I responded to this initially thinking it was in reference to the last photo in the Almost There devlog. Then I realized it's on the comments of the main game lol. There are now several girls with horns. Of whom do you speak?

I gotchu.

It's a fantastic idea. I have quite a few native German speakers in my Discord- you're welcome to join and chat about that being a possibility at some point.

That's very odd. Can you hop into the Discord and give me more information?

Oh absolutely. Right now, I'm working on finishing up the Janitor Arc, which serves as the game's intro. I'm kind of transforming it into a game where you'll be able to choose who you hang out with in your free time as the main story is progressing. So like, perhaps your lunch break at work, and then after work, you'll be able to go see someone and hang out with them. Almost every character you've seen in the story thus far will have their own "route" and interactions with you eventually.

Hey thank you so much!

Haha stay tuned, my friend. Much more of her on the way.

You download it and unzip it anywhere on your computer. Then double click the images to open them. The Pinup Packs are collections of HD wallpapers of the girls, not a game modification. It's extra stuff for my Patreon/SubscribeStar supporters, but I made a couple of them publicly available.

No reason to copy from your friend when it's publicly available here lol. Newest update shouldn't be more than a month or so out, hopefully.

Nope. I filled in 2 of the missing ones and moved the third one to Thursday (next update).

Honestly, having this to work on is more of a blessing. Keeps my mind occupied, and the feeling of making progress keeps me positive. Two birds, one stone lol