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Fantastic work. I'm very interested in how your Inventory and Quest systems work. I have a game in the works that could benefit from both of these things, and I'd love to chat with you about it if you have time.


Hello! I have version 1.0.0. How do I update to 1.0.3? And then to 1.1.0 when it comes out?

If you're 14, you shouldn't be playing a game like this lol. Go play League of Legends or something.

Alrighty, I've finished the game, and I have to say, well done. I do feel like a lot of the plot points in the Final Battle were a tad rushed, but there were still some twists that caught me off guard. I won't mention which because I don't want to spoil things, but I did not see some of it coming, and it was delightful. Negative things happening makes a story better, because you appreciate the positive things more by comparison.

The only thing I found disappointing was that holding Fafnir changed nothing about the story. I have a magical glowing legendary fire blade, and no one commented on it. It wasn't described in the last battle at all. There were no extra actions that I could take with the legendary sword. After all that effort to get it, it felt kind of... meaningless. 

Going to the Hidden Grove also doesn't seem to be tied to a variable. Every time you visit the sword to see if you can pull it, you have to go through the same wall of text to get there. 

Though I did feel like the couple days leading up to the last battle were significantly impactful. The choices were written in such a way that I believed they had lasting consequences, which really deepened the immersion. Especially the entirety of the second weekend. I was genuinely worried, and that's hard to pull off. Whoever wrote that section, well done. Well done indeed. Really made the game feel dynamic and that choices matter.

Overall, the art is fantastic, the music gets stuck in my head, and the characters are all wonderfully unique. I haven't filled the Relationship bar on any of the characters yet, so I'll have to play again and see what results that yields. 

Thank you for the amazing game and the huge amount of effort you all have put into it!l

Found two more issues. Upon hitting Continue from the Main Menu, it always loads me to where Hilde is telling me about Equipment, but that was several days ago. I have to manually load my save from a save spot. This happens upon death, as well. It's worth noting that my save file was created in v1.0.5 and was opened in 1.0.6 to continue the game. 

As far as the exit button, sometimes it will also disappear after viewing Titles or Character Stats. Hopefully this helps.

Some of the minigames could use a short text box or graphic telling the player what to do and what not to do. For instance, during goblin attacks, a small graphic could pop up with a check mark beside the sword and shield and a skull beside the apple bombs. Same with the spider minigame. I thought I was supposed to kill the spiders. I didn't notice my HP going down, and I had to repeat everything I'd done that day because the game has no checkpoint system. Same thing with the Midnight minigame. I thought you had to click the words. Turns out you have to drag them onto the cat.

Or, if you prefer this kind of trial-and-error playstyle, I highly recommend a Quick Save button. There's nothing more frustrating than stumbling into a new minigame and dying, then having to repeat the entire day and click through all of the same text to try it again. It's gotten to the point where I find myself going back to the Room and manually saving after every conversation I have. It would be a good quality-of-life change and may result in the player being more immersed in the gameplay loop rather than having to break it after every conversation. 

Thank you for paying attention to feedback! This game is a wonderful work of art, and I want it to be as successful as possible!

Also, when Loading a manual save from Your Room, the Exit button disappears. The only way I've been able to get it back is by going to the Wet Tunic Flyer and choosing Don't View the Flyer.

Really need to increase the hitboxes on the Princess's plate minigame. They only trigger when you click directly on the center, and the minigame gives you very little time, so it's pretty much impossible to complete right now unless you're, like, a veteran Osu player or something. To players, I suggest not taking the Princess's Urgent Job until this is fixed. 

Oh gotcha! Thank you for the clarification!

Any reason it's cheaper on Steam than on here?

AH! Interesting! I think I have that floating around somewhere in my library. Thank you!

I'm pretty sure RenPy doesn't come with a physical character creation engine. I'll happily eat my words if I'm wrong.

What program is used to create the character models in this game? It looks like the same program used for the models in Ecchi Sensei. Anyone know what it's called?

I hope this isn't a duplicate post; itch gave me a "we're having problems with our servers" message, so I'mma try to repost. 


Alright, the main content is a bit out of my taste range, but I was absolutely blown away by the stance-based combat system. It's genius! The flow between stances, management of footwork and stamina, and the grapple system...

Lemme be honest with you. I'm a DM. I wanna homebrew this into Dungeons and Dragons 5e. This combined with the Witcher TTRPG armor rules could make for a fantastic PvP system for tabletop gaming.

Any way I could pay to have you send me the details of the combat system and all of the non-erotic skills? (That'd be everything in the Balanced, Defensive, Offensive, Blitz, Berserk, Haymaker, Focus, Stonewall, and Counter stances.) I have zero interest in creating video games and competing with you. I merely want to homebrew the combat system into my D&D games.

I figured worst I could get was a No, so why not ask? Thanks for reading!

I was gonna buy the hell out of this, with the whole 100 planned characters, but last update was 2 years ago? And Days 1-4 aren't available? Yeah, think I'll pass till I see some activity.