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what, by the name of ye gods

I do not believe so.

also, side note- this game kicks butt! it gives me memories of late bleary-eyed nights playing Spore: Galactic Adventures and creating theorems and diagrams for the ecosystems of every planet i terraformed, plus it's just darn well designed.

holy SHIT, malerouille youve outdone yourself

you are a godsend amongst us furries, and this game proves it

i really wish that companion tier wasnt sold out because dear odin i would buy that in a heartbeat

tomorrow i am gonna buy and review this game bc the demo kicked ass

it only properly runs when executed from the zip, and not from the unzipped file

it is truly wack

hey wessel, i know this is weird but

the game just kinda... doesn't start? ive tried everything, but it just doesnt open properly, or even at all?


8/10 too much water

møll. it pleases us to see the moth shoot bullets from his eyes. my advice? more cardinal elements. also buff ice.


MOTH BOI IS PERFECT. he needs no changes- after all, the world is truly lacking in androgynous floofy moths!