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This look pretty. Gonna find a way to fit this in my phone screen because they just look so good.

Looks cool!

Gonna play this on my DSi. So excited.  The art looks cute.

Didn't manage to snag one but thank you regardless. I'll be hovering over the pile instead!

Hi. Any chance of community copies soon? I've been watching APs of this game on YT and it's very interesting.

Coming back to say that I’ve been consulting this whenever I generate NPCs for solo rpgs. Very helpful.

Hello--I'm dropping  a comment here since there are now restrictions on DMing in that site with an x logo--any chance of community copies dropping soon? 

I’d be happy with either—though perhaps the 2nd option would be less overwhelming for new booksellers? BTW, I’m halfway through Bloom in my playthrough now and I’m having such a blast! The flavor text of the rulebook is written so well.

Hello, I'm a bit confused on the paragraph, "Ruins & Encounters do not repeat. Instead, you can pick one option based on what you rolled to clarify a Ruins or Encounter" and the diagram below. What does it mean?

Hello, can't access the gamebook. Is there a new version in the works?

Any chance of community copies dropping soon?

At the page with the header Some plants that are [..], #3 is not complete and cuts off at the end.

(1 edit)

Is there going to be a furniture add-on for this game?

I'm just joking, but one of the things that has impressed me so far (other than the worldbuilding) is the customisable bookshop. I have mild aphantasia so I like not having to visualise things by myself.

Also, may I ask what font is used in the game? EDIT: Nevermind, I saw that it's in the 6th page!

May I suggest a low-ink/printer-friendly version? The way that it is currently formatted, the grey background will waste a lot of ink when printed. 

Any chances of community copies dropping soon? I love anything with memory loss in it.

Wow. My favorites are the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 7th poems.

What font did you use for the headers of this book? It looks very good.

This is one of my favorite zines. Got me back into photography.

I've not played the game yet, but both the game files and the game page are hard to read due to the font used. Maybe change to a serif font, to keep the old timey vibes?

I wish there was a way to rate this twice. The recent update has just reminded me of how much I love the art in this pack.

Still coming back to this. If you like Ghost Trick you'll love this one.

I downloaded this a while ago and it was one of the main things that motivated me into going out and taking pictures of my neighborhood. Still one of my favorites.

Replaying this again and wow. I love the art, the writing, the comedy, the GUI design, and the music. It's rare for me as someone who likes visual novels. Still one of my favorites.

I'm happy this has this own section. I have a feeling I'll be screnshotting and sending these to some people I know.

I'm not a neopets player, but I found the neopets spread to be my favorite.

Can't afford this but this looks so cute!

I love it so much! Been searching for something like this.

Been looking for something like this. Thank you.

Absolutely amazing. Haven't even finished the game yet, but this has got me very excited. Thank you for sharing.

Hey there. The download is updated now. Thanks for letting me know.

love it!

As a fan of found poetry, I'm absolutely in love.

Always wanted to read something like this as a BOTW player. Love it!

Gonna print this one out. Haven't actually played the game much but I'm very excited. Laughed at the installation instructions.

Love this.

Holy shit. I love this. I've been saying the same for years.

I like the backstory. Definitely a fun read.

Fun to leaf through. Hoping for more to come.

Well! I can already tell I'll be consulting this a lot.

I like what this has to say. Maybe I should revisit my notes app too.