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Hi Robert,

I've made a little game with your assets and it is gorgeous, thank you!

your name is on the game credits, thanks!!

hahaha, thank you!

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since you bought here, you will receive a free key to use on Steam once is released there.

will try to reproduce and fix the bugs you found till there.

Hello there, sorry for the late reply. as i work full time and was working on another project, none time was left to work on Yet Another RPG Game.

but, the game was approved on Steam Greenlight, so i will redesign the game(probably change a lot of things).

Yep, sorry for that. but you will have to wait a couple days so i can fix the issues

Thats ok. i am about to finish my current project then i will have time to take a look at the bugs you reported.

Those goddam chests!!!

would be nice if you can record and send me to take a look on what steps you take till the bug. or something like that.

Nice!, will see that about the music, odd. i was sure that i have an if for that XD


I've tested the day you mentioned the issue and i was able to fix and have sent an update here, have you download it?

it you already download it and still with a bug, i will need to take a better look at it.

Hmmm, thats odd.

about PgUp and PgDn could be a great addition!

Thats nice! keep going man!

hahaha! Unity is not that hard as it seems.

is possible to post on a web page!, is possible to export to almost everything to be sincere.

Hello dw817,

Sorry for the late reply.

Good suggestions! have noted them here. i am currently finishing another game, once it's done i will go back to Yet Another RPG Game and polish somethings.

Thanks again.

hi, i was able to reproduce the issue #3 and #5 and fixed, if you feel wronged, you can mail me and i can make a compensation for you!

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Hi dw817, thank you for your purchase!

i will take a look at the issues.

yes, the game saves, you can leave and play later without a problem!

* the game saves automatically

Will post here!