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lololol I was curious about that too.

I luv this game, I dedicate my whole life for it, especially on how sweet, talented and kind u r sgijjri

I agree with everything u said, especially for the male sub since I'm a switch lol.


Omg! thank u so much, I'll be waiting for it, and..yes, hopefully our rosalyn will make it right haha

wonder when r56.0 will be released to the public lolol

hello! May I ask on why nymph's notes still hasn't updated yet? If I'm not wrong then I think indivi replied to my comment on how nymph actually has some lewd scene's in the new update (r55) but I haven't seen any updates on nymph's notes so it just kept me wondering, hehe

ah- well I kind of forgot, but I'm glad to go over the scenes again! also, the name I put in didn't show up in one scene, it is the scene close to the end I think..where Mr. Gala whatever his name is..caught kat saying some mean things about him, for example the quizzes he puts up, hopefully, that can be fixed as other players might encounter that problem as well!:) also, I REALLY loved the demo and I'm attached! I'll try and save up to buy the actual game, but only when it's complete because I'm sure I'll get invested easily.. Anyway, that's it. The characters I've liked so far were the 3 love interests hehe, and of course Kat, but mainly I have mixed feelings for Felix because I sorta have a type for those people, I'm incredibly surprised on how u came up with these love interests of ours! Did u do some research on what people possibly have a liking too or u just make it based on ur own type? Because oh my, u have some great taste based on MY own, hihi, u really did a great job catching my eye and making me interested in ur game! I hope everything goes well for u!:)

Soo one thing I've noticed while playing is that they don't use the pronouns I gave the uhh game, so maybe it could be a glitch or something, maybe not, that's why I'm telling this atm. I'll update when iI finish the gameplay!:D

could u make a SERIOUS game like this? PLEASEEEE I'll do anything hushdifuhsiufhiushdfoshfdoiwhfoishgouhfuoehfiuehfiuh I really did thought it would be some serious and actual game about testing the potion but no! its some april fools game. I really REALLY loved this game fr BUBUBTUBFUT WHY DID IT END LIKE THATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

Can't wait for the r55 update to get released to the public! lol, I'm excited

hey indivi, will Nymph have lewd scenes later on? hehe, also, cant wait for u to release the 55.0 update ><

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I've been doing the quest including the inner temple, and I am now on the part where there are vines, and whenever I click to cross, it says not implemented yet, can some1 help me?

(Ok, now I know it's  not done yet lol)

Thanks! I wasn't able to reply in time because I didn't notice it but either  way, thanks:) 

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I've red some guides or spoiler about t gins quest and I just wanted to ask if we're able to see him again soon? I've kinda got attached  to him huhuhu:<  

where could I find Nymosa and Nymph? I'm having a hard time finding them hehe

Could someone tell me on how I could gain cassies trust?

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please remind me if ever the full game releases! honestly, this game has gotten me HOOKED even if I just started playing it! hopefully, the full version will come early, I'm really excited for it!<333

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I have a question, is it possible to date isidore in the next update? ^^

ahhhh!!! I cant believe this game would make me blush so hard!! I love this game! please tell me if u release anymore! 😭♥️♥️♥️

Ok, ngl I like guys like these because idk, They're jus my type in games like these but either way the game is really cool! can't wait for the full version!~

well..I got addicted and its pretty bad since I do not have money..the plot..the story..everything was incredible!!! I'm a bit sad that I cannot afford this though, even if its 10 dollars. I just do not have a account yet. I'm also pretty sad because in the future I might not remember this..