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In your new game called ember heart, you do not have comment section.
I came here to tell you that it froze in this state for me. Sound kept playing, butit was stuck like this and nothing was moving.

Tip: Consider saving game to local storage to preserve the progress even after page refresh.

Same thing happened to me in my first run just now :D

I just want to let you know that patterns in background which you choose for Jam's page is at certain monitor resolutions causing flickering which could induce seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy.

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Hello. I uploaded my game before deadline using the VR Jam form. 

But my game didn't appear in the submissions.  I clicked at the button on jam page to submit the game. It prompted me that I do not have any projects uploaded and there was a button to create one so I clicked on that too, filled out the form, uploaded my game, and saved, and I thought that was it. Was there anything more I had to do? It is my first jam ever and I never before uploaded anything, so I might miss something.  On the page of my game ( you can see that the project was created before deadline. IDK how it didn't come trough.

Can you please help me please? I tried to reach you on discord several hours after game jam ended, but I got no response. (username fqd, display name Chlpáč)
What can I do to get my game assigned to this jam?

I just finished another Game Jam and I did the same steps for submission as for this one. That game got automatically assigned to that Jam without me returning back to the Jam page. It is not like I want to win this jam. I know I have no chance, as this was my first game ever made and published. But I just wanted to be included. IDK what I did wrong T_T

Have you ever died of starvation while picking card with food? :D 

And sometimes, game wants you to be Meatapod :D

I love this game. Best for supporting procrastination XD

IDK why I was expecting something big to happen :D 


I am only one getting VIRUS alert sourcing from from CrashHandler??

I killed my whole day in this trying to reach the celling :D 

Cute and easy concept. Nice work :)