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I really appreciate the feedback and the gameplay! The whole "Can't run and can't hide" aspect of the game was intentional, the key here is not to see death as a loss, but as a lesson so you can get closer to escaping! Thanks again for playing!

Thanks alot for playing and the suggestions.

Firstly I want to say that I really appreciate the feedback and will absolutely take your suggestions into account for my next games, as I am doing for everyone else's suggestions. They help me evolve as a newbie game developer and I am grateful for the constructive criticism.

Secondly, While you are not the first to suggest a stealth mechanic. My intention with this game is to make the player feel constant danger and feel like nowhere is safe, as it is just like a nightmare. Hence the reason why you can't sprint, can't attack and etc.. Your only tools of survival are your ears and the lean mechanic. The player is severely underpowered intentionally. I felt as giving the player a hiding mechanic will give him a level of security, which is not what I want for this particular project. Its a short experience, based purely on trial and error. I want to make the player feel absolutely amazing when he finally escapes because of the difficulty and the learning that happens at every death. That seems to work as most gameplays I've seen shows exactly that. The experience is not gonna grab your hand and help you. If I was to include a hiding mechanic and more hints, the game would last for 4-5 mins and the players would not feel as accomplished when they beat it as they are feeling with the current underpowered style. I also wanted it to feel a little different than the generic indie horror formula. That's just how I imagined this project, some people really like this direction, some don't. I don't blame you if you don't, this was also my first public game too. I have alot more planned for my next games!

Thank you so much for playing!

Oh yeah it is 😈

I really appreciate the kind words! Thank you so much for playing!

Yeah, I saw other people having that issue, I'll see what I can do about it

Thanks for playing! Really appreciate the gameplay

I loved your stream, thank you very much for playing and jamming out to the credits hahaha

Really appreciate the kind words! Thank you so much

Thanks alot for the gameplay! Glad you enjoyed the game

Thanks alot for  playing! Loved your personality

Great gameplay! Really appreciate it!

Thank you so much for the kind words and the gameplay!

Really appreciate the compliments for the music at the end hahaha Really enjoyed your gameplay!

Really appreciate the gameplay! Thank you so much

Not every night hahaha but it is the most recurring dream for many years. Thank you so much for playing!

Great gameplay! Thank you so much for playing!

Really glad you liked them!

Thanks alot! Really glad you liked it!

Thanks alot for the gameplay! Really enjoyed your suggestions too. My next games will have a motion blur option too.

I'm really glad you made the dream connection to the game as it is very true that I based it off my nightmares and wanted it to feel like one.

Thanks for playing! Might revisit this game in the future when I really get good at UE5.

Great gameplay! Thank you so much for playing!

Thank you so much! Really grateful for the video!

Great video haha! Really appreciate the feedback and support!

Thank you so much for playing!

Thank you so much for everything! Your suggestions are great. Really appreciate the playthrough!