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Sorry for the lack of sound effects & music! Love & subscribed to your channel. My silly game prototype here certainly can't measure up to the games you linked though, for they have depth and a message to the players! Anyway, thanks for playing small indie games!

Links to optional files don't usually show up in the itch client, so you gotta open this page in your web browser to download the PDF.

I love the dialogues and voice overs! The point & click adventure style puzzles mixed with a bit of shooting is a pretty cool concept.

There's a few oddities present in the demo:

1. The player can interact with objects through walls (e.g., the emergency hammer box).

2. When you open the door with the keycard, Zoey rushes in, closes the door behind her and blocks it by pushing her back against the door, with it slamming violently every few seconds... Except the zombies didn't follow her and nothing is bumping the door.

3. In the lab room, killing zombies on top of or near where you need to drop their bodies makes it impossible to pick them up & drop immediately, instead the player is required to then walk a few steps away, come back and drop them.

4. After exiting the air vent, the door behind opens and releases a bunch of zombies, if you kill them all and enter the room, you'll see zombies spawn every 5 seconds, walking sideways out of the room while completely ignoring the player.

5. Is there any button to switch weapons? Once I picked up the shotgun, I couldn't find a way to revert to the handgun.

6. Is it possible to reload weapons manually?

7. I'd like to see simple critical hits with the handgun. Like keeping the cursor over (or somewhat near) a zombie's head for at least 1 or 2 seconds, turning the cursor red to indicate a critical shot, dealing 2x damage (thus killing a zombie in only one hit instead of two). It's a completely optional gameplay mechanic but it adds depth and skill to use it.

8. It'd also be nice when main characters and zombies alike walk in blood puddles, toxic goo, or any other form of liquid, if it would leave appropriate footstep marks behind.