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I'm a friend of the dev and pitched both of those issues to him yesterday, the hive's height has been increased and he's working on the knight bees being more clear, possibly with dialogue from Billy

Hello there, I'm Nice's friend and would like to thank you for leaving such a nice comment! He's working hard on fixing this version and the beta testers have given him a lot of feedback to make it even better

Hello! Nice's friend here, I don't believe this was intentional but I'll talk to,him about it because that could be a plothole, thanks for your feedback :)

72 first try bro this game isn't as hard as people say

so the first jump is easy to do as long as you do this: jump and right before you hit the ground jump again, you'll do a very low jump. Then you can go through the spikes with that

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hey I'm sorry I meant the one after the first screenshot.

Edit: I got it

could you please tell me how to solve the third one please? hahaha

hahaha echt geweldig

why would you want 5 bucks from a nsfw artist

I respawned with the two slimes on either side of the door

4 gods came together to make this masterpiece!

I really liked it, wish that swimming against blocks and THEN activating puff form didn't just eat the input tho, the blocks stayed whole

I want a sequel :(

It's called: Joefish: the revival

very cool! Would have loved an indication to where he shoots though, like in enter the gungeon or just shapes and beats, both bullet hells, because now it just feels unfair because I don't know what's gonna happen

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I don't get the ending? Or did I not get the ending


I got to where the girl said : why did you do that to yourself, is that the end? I don't get it, also, in the playthrough I watched, she said something completely different. can you explain a bit?

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I can't dash to up left I think, I mean I can, but it is really weird, it only works if I press it long enough and if I release the right buttons but still a great game!

you can get further or killed

they don't invert randomly, the green guy just moves in the opposite direction

thx a lot! I'm glad you liked it!

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I only found one problem! If you spam jump in midair, you float and if you do this a lot, you get a glitch wherer you fly if you do this... essentialy giving you an infinite jump

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The musician here, my friend did make the song loop, but when he was fixing the camera, he must have accidently clicked the loop off or something. This made it so that in the final project, it didn't work. This is our first ever project so I hope you'll understand!

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no problem, I mean, even with a team, you can't make this good art in a week

he didn't make the music or art...

I would keep it down, he didn't make any art by himself, he used asset packs, he only made the levels, not the music or visuals or sounds

Stop advertising

Can you please not advertise?

He did all get them from a pack, the art and music are not made by him

what is the theme interpretation?

Ok! Good game! A little buggy. But a good game overall

When I was hunting for secrets I found a couple things... 

In level 1 you can get over the left wall

In level 2 you can get over the left wall


In level 2 you can jump over the portal, if you fall down, you will see a message: You will not be freed from the facility

In level 3,going to the left immediatly results in you landing on a platform that says:There is no cake (Portal refference?)

In level 4, jumping over the gap instead of falling in it will result in you reading a very long text that tells you there are a lot of secrets.

That was all I could find! Is there anything I missed?

Good game but you only get a 2/5... you used a lot of pre-made assets, and I wanted to make it fair for the people who did everything on their own

Very good game but doesn't fit the theme at all!

This game is so fun!

I got 622 (:

I finished everything! Really cool game!

You can also press s

You can also aim by pressing s

where can I find the full game?

that ending is so anticlimatic, I really thought I was going to fight the boss!

it's impossible to make a wall, it will just make a farmer, but apart from that it's a very cool game!

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just to be clear, this is me trying to help, not me saying what's wrong with the game, I love it! 

maybe you could add a cap to how much he can shoot though, because the more you kill your fingers the faster he shoots lol

you can pick up health even if you're at full, if you get hit after that, you can't get it back

the jump feels a bit stiff, like the gravity's very high (I don't know if that's the same with mega man) but I tend to jump too low a lot, maybe if you made the timer for how long you have to press your jump to go very high a little shorter? Or just decrease the gravity!

A super? For every (10?) enemies you kill you get something that does 5 times your blast damage?

The first boss (the snail one) can be easily beaten by standing on the platform an spamming X and S at the same time (in like 10 seconds)

overall, it's a VERY good game, very nice artstyle! Thx for taking your time to read this, I really thought everything through!