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Hey, may you try to do this:

Before you click on download, go to the 3 points at the right top of your browser, then search the option  "desktop site" this will change the whole page as you were using in a PC, them try to download again.
Like thisChange to desktop mode on your mobile browser

And if this don't work, try to turn on the option "download from unknown source". 

Like this> How to Install Apps from Unknown Sources in Android

That was really cool, the demo was fun to play and I get curious and intrigued by the whole gameplay, can't wait for the final release.

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I had a lot of fun, the dialogues were funny and creepy too, I was laughing my ass off every time something happened, and Albert Krueger was like "what? I didn't hear anything, I didn't see anything." I enjoyed it a lot ( the art and SFX... really cool :D)

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That was incredible deep for how short it is, very interesting, I was 100% focused on all dialogues and curious about what gonna happen next, the creepy details about the food and the violence were so intense, really create a good atmosphere, the art and SFX was a strong point too, very well done, waiting for your next projects, good job!