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Clone yourself below the conveyor belts.

The end involves cloning the yellow block. In order to do that you might need to clone yourself first.

Cool I get it now.  I didn't modify the level so far, only the game's logic. It looks like I'll have to tweak the level a little to keep the idea but make it work in this version of Kye.

I think Robert Phipps probably modified the level to include the timers to make it easier for him while solving it, because those timers aren't in the version released by Colin Phipps.

I don't understand , so are you able to beat the level in this version of the game without any modification to the level?

Regarding the behavior differences, it looks like it's impossible to make it work identically without adding a lot of lag to the game. I will likely tweak the level so that it works in this game.

Yeah,  I'll have to open up time to solve it in Xye and see what happens different. Seems I was overconfident regarding which levels would work.

Try with 4.107

I think it's a bug, at the very beginning, the bouncers do something really strange if you pay attention. There are two bouncers that are perfectly aligned, but the bottom bouncer messes it up somehow.

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It's part of the original game's mechanics, you can do the same stuff (and the tick rate is as slow, I can actually make the game twice faster in puzzlescript, but I chose it to make it work as close as possible to the original). It's usually not a great way to solve things by doing this stuff, and this is the main reason Xye has arrows that are faster than the player.

Really lovely game.

I really can't believe you have so many levels and all of them are so good. In part it's because of the mechanic having so much potential. But there's simply so much game here.

My only complain is that I wish it was possible to scroll the camera in large levels to see what's coming.

An undo function would have been nice.

I beat it. The mechanic is very cool, although the ability that can be triggered with Z may make things too easy in comparison with not having it. Once I understood that ability I breezed through the last two levels quickly.

Restarting levels is a bit too cumbersome. 

But it's an adventure to go from not understanding the game at all to being able to solve every level. Combined with the excellent presentation (including the music) this is currently the best entry I've seen so far (note: I basically only play HTML5 puzzle entries, so this is a partial view of things).

This is cool. I feel that the ability to connect to multiple blocks at once was yet to be explored in the levels. Probably because of lack of time to make levels, but the 10 levels are nice, with enough new ideas in each.

I think this would be a very nice ACM ICPC/ codeforces / google codejam-style problem

I really like the overall presentation and the brain teasers here.

It feels like a complete game, which is not something I can say of most jam entries. I would realistically play this in my phone in its current state.

wow thanks. I posted a link to the source code if you need it. Uses a fork but just for the level selector.

Source code:

This is the game jam version done in under 48 for the Ludum Dare 48 compo. There's a newer version with additional polish at .  

I recommend to play the more-polished version. Play this version only if you are judging the Game Jam entry.

10 actually is bugged and has cheese, the fixed version's solution is apparently even harder than 11 according to playtesters, I'll upload an update soon :D

I thought the shell stunts were too muich, then I got to t he third level. Had to stop after 20 minutes. 

It's really hard,

Good stuff. Love the color. Character is well animated. I am quite sure that you'd tweak the difficulty if it wasn't a 48 hours dev thing.

Very Cool, I love the terminal.


Firefox 86

I experienced the exact the same issue, can't place the sun.

I used the trick to skip the puzzle. Thanks.

Wow thank you.

It's intended. The left conveyor is mostly so that it is not possible block it with just one corpse.