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If I had access, I would contact you directly, but this is the next best thing. 

I apologize if this sounds too forward, but it sounds like your music is currently in "placeholder" status. I am looking to stretch my legs creatively and would love to create some fantasy/retro/chiptune/dungeon-crawling music for you--free of charge.

No pressure, of course. Just fun stuff to create.

Hello! Will your game require music? I love conceiving musical arrangements that embody artwork and gameplay, and this game is byoo-tee-ful. I'm curious as to how upcoming levels/areas are going to look. Would you consider letting me score for you? 

Hey dude, you've constructed a great atmosphere, here.  Kudos on your sound design--I especially like your use of deep ambience, and those zombie monster things sound genuinely alarming!

Any plans for music? In a lot of ways with the horror genre, less is more, but it can be beneficial to have some select, subtle music happening here and there. As a sound designer and composer I am especially interested in providing a soundtrack to a game like this. If you were interested, I'd be willing to compose for you, all pro bono.

Otherwise, keep up the good work! I'm excited to play this when it comes out!

Howdy. I really like the aesthetics of this game, the bleak atmosphere, and the art style. I have a question though: the music is currently pretty stark--seems to be an assembly of lonely synth pads--were you planning to upgrade it?

I'm a sound dev myself, and I like to keep an ear to the ground for fun projects in which to contribute music. If you were interested, I wouldn't charge. 

Anyway, good luck with everything!