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Wow! This is a new step in the development of hotline Miami fan games, I think so

Glithcaid it's new AU?   :P 

Oh shit, it cool

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Sorry, the flight instructor scene is too lewd, but this update is very nice

Nice update

Censorship: Oh hello! Long time no see?


I like character designs but Will they have a lore or character?

where are the comments? Well then, I'll write. I want to see a water level with dolphins in the game

what's interesting in Kincaid now?:

Fan's: Oh! This is of course hen...

Cookiedraggy & Null:  that is a medium to fast speed combat

Fan's: Of course! Combat is cool and developer's too


^o^   I LOVE IT! 

Please add a button in the settings by clicking on which the player can make a turn with the mouse! PLEASE!!

И это даже круто

Я думал что у меня работает авто-переводчик)

:( Oh

Please add the censorship button to the main menu, that is, when you click on this button, all 18+ content will disappear, do not rush to throw slippers at me, I think this will make the game popular, it’s just hard to imagine the Hollow Knights or porn scenes because it is a lot less people will play
I just want the game to become more popular.
I hope Google translated everything correctly. UwU

I think that you can add a store to the game where you can sell plants, and for money to buy new territories, tools, seeds, workers and new music on the radio, I used Google Translater and I hope that what I wrote will be clear
Have a good development!
(I hope that the development is not abandoned)

Mifflin? Mifflin!

Players: Does the game have full screen mode?  Developers: 

Just LMAO!