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It sounded really cool, hope to see more stuff from you in the future!

Cool start, am definitely interested in seeing what this becomes.

Awesome!!! O_O

This is looks so good! Looking forward to it!


Y'all are awesome! Looking forward to the future update on this project and seeing what else y'all will create. Do it however works best for y'all, I'll definitely keep supporting your projects. <3

Awesome! Look forward to supporting the kickstarter, already signed up for the notification once it launches!

Awesome so excited!

This is really awesome own it on steam!

Awesome update! Am so excited for where this story is going. Oh and had some issues with some of my old saves not working on the nomad route, and noticed a couple of typos in the knight route. But awesome chapter!

Backed this! So excited.

Demo is awesome! Looking forward to the release.

Yay! Bought it, I really liked the demo, the humor and writing was fun and the art is awesome.

Kickstarter laaaunch so I can give you my money.

If we purchase here do we get access to the DLC once it's completed or should I wait for the kickstarter?

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I am so excited!!! This game is awesome so always excited when I hear about a new episode! Looking forward to Episode 5.

Not sure when that was, kept playing a bit because was curious about some of the plotlines, sent a knight to beat up the dragon and wanted to know what happened.

This is most recent. 

This was so so good. The art style, theatre set up and characters are awesome and so much fun. I like the theatre director voice and fact we can banter with them a bit. So excited to see what's going to happen next!

This format is fun and the writing is epic as always! Look forward to seeing what happens next.

Did find a small issue in the text (think it was italic coding that broke):

Siruud's head snaps towards you as if you have been around her without him for ieven a moment,/i and you glower back at him.

I am so excited for this series. Loved WTNC and this one looks like it'll be just as awesome! I purchased through the kickstarter.