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A member registered Nov 12, 2016

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So... I tried your game and... I want to say something.

I know that it's only early alpha for test, yeah, but... I think that 5 minutes of gameplay is too short even for demo alpha version (played in alpha 0.04). That's only the mini-prologue scene, but I was really "surprised" when the game ended. I don't even to understand what happened.

But if to close the eyes on that... And look into bright and nice future...

I see an awful English. Seriously, it isn't my first language, and I already see many mistakes... That's not good to present product on Patreon with such a quality. I think that you don't even edit the text :( Examples...

"Aww... I thristy"

"Are you oke ?,you look not good."

"W-what wrong ?,you don't like a mineral water ?."

"Ow.. God... ,I be like alive again"

"Nothing,bay the way,take this,you keep thristy right."

"Can I asking somethink ?."

"His gone,but that okey,before is a good talking."

And so many... Almost every phrase has a mistakes in punctuation and spelling. I don't even know what to think... Guys, please, say that you're tried... Agh... Mmmhh... :(

I really want to see more gay furry VN in this world in English... It seems like I overestimated my expectations... Ugh... Just a bit.

Good luck anyway. Hope that that game will improve for the better. Thanks.

That feeling, when you starts to submerge in the game... And the game ends. The demo 1.0 is really short, as I can say. Completed it for 10 minutes. I don't even to be in time to understand the events. But it looks really promising, I will follow you. Because VN with dogs is great. Art is nice, really. (But sometimes I think that eyes in some poses looks and located very strange...)

Unfortunately, Tyranobuilder is not good tool for creating VNs with high quality content. When I tried to run demo on my PC, I can't crop game window size, and somehow adapted it for my 1366x768 screen resolution. Guys, don't even try to push on "fullscreen" button in the game (you will see the only 1/2 of screen then). Don't like this engine exactly for "window size" function.

By the way, the log in game looks so strange. It shows only a few last lines. But everything else is OK. It more seems like alpha demo, but not final demo anyway.

Thanks for the opportunity to try this product. Wish you good luck with the development!