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wow thank you! I loved watching your playthrough!

We gonna do it!

Thanks a bunch! Do you remember the name of that game?

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Nice job, dude! The game works really well, and it looks really nice! I love the polish of giving all of the food subjects happy and panicked idle animations! 

The only mechanical thing that was hard to parse for me was the queuing up of subjects. I think it would simplify the game nicely if you did away with the queuing and just made cannons load when you press a qwer key while king samu is over the spot. (you might be able to put a cool animation where he throws the subject into the cannon).  

Also for some reason, king samu was just a black box for me. 

Good job, man! I'm really looking forward to seeing what games you make in the future!

Sorry for the 3 months late reply! 

Yeah we've tried making pixel art card games before, and while card formatting and size is usually a problem in digital card games, it's worse when you're working in low-res. Thats something we still don't have a perfect answer for, but we'll definitely be working on it.

Thanks a bunch! We're actually probably gonna jam on Dragoon Drop rather than participate in the next LD.

Oh it definitely will! We post devlogs sometimes on our patreon (you don't have to be a patron to read anything!) We're overdue on a post, so that will probably happen soon and really outline the things we've been thinking about for the game!

Bosses for sure!
We're still working on figuring out how to best make areas and rooms, so we haven't done too much thinking on how to move between locations. Our goals at this point are mostly about figuring out how to make the progression really snappy and the gameplay challenging.

Yo, thanks! Haha yeah its kind of experimental! We're still figuring out what to do with it!

Thanks! We'll keep that in mind as we keep working on it!

Haha thanks! I'm always just ecstatic to get in the top 100!

We've been exploring and planning a bunch, and hopefully we'll have more to say soon!

Floor 17 is super impressive! One of our design goals is to make the game a little denser so that more puzzly trap + enemy interactions can happen! Thanks a bunch!

Ah thanks! Haha I'm glad you like 'em!

Wow! Thanks a ton you guys! It's a huge honor and motivator to have our games reviewed. It means a ton to us! 

We may or may not be kind of secretly working on that...

Thank you very much! I have a soft spot in my heart for this game. Making it taught me a lot about atmosphere and feeling in games. It's sad that we'll probably never make it into a full game. Hopefully its spirit will be apparent in some of the other games we make. 

It means a lot to me that you would take the time to comment on it! I always figured it would just be forgotten! 


Thank you!

Thanks a bunch! Yeah we're thinking expanding it, actually! I'm not sure what kind of deckbuilding we'll be implementing, but you can be sure more cards is high on our priorities!

Yeah for sure! That was on our polish list for the jam, but time got away from us!

This game is really smart! Putting some instruction about life and connecting pieces to gain it back would be helpful, though!

Haha yeah I've enjoyed that "bug" a couple times.

Thank you very much for your kind words! Getting to Floor 9 is really impressive! The farthest anyone has gotten is 16, and that was the musician on the team!

This is my favorite LD41 game so far. It's so, so good. Reminds me of Solomon's key or Fire and Ice. I just beat it and it took me like, an hour! Thats a good jam game! I agree with squidly. Go for it!

Nice job! This is really fun and also very stressful.

Nice job dudes!

Thanks! Did you see that you can click the deck or press enter to draw a card make the game tick? Thats how you fall if you get stuck in midair.