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Played a few rounds and I like it. It has a mix of strategy, since you have to decide which devices to fix and when, and action, when you have to run through several airless rooms to reach a white one before you suffocate. Every room of electricity generators was a lifesaver. There's a bit of an annoying bug where some sounds would play at inappropiate times (the Medibay healing sound playing when I'm in front of an air generator, for example), but I overall enjoyed the experience. It's very promising.

PS: i'm blue, da ba dee da ba die...

I'm glad it's working now!!

I just played it and it didn't give me any problems... try redownloading?

Phew! Finally finished all four endings... I liked the game a lot! It was kinda short and simple, and I missed a bit of music, but I had fun through the entire game! Shiro was a very interesting character for me, and it took me a few attempts to finally figure out what kind of push she exactly needed to finally finish her art! All in all, very cute and fun, and I definitely recommend playing it through!

PS: Azuki/Flan is best couple ever 10/10