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Very Specific Username

A member registered Apr 07, 2022

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Uh, ok!

And also, is there anything to make your username in the game or the username is the username of the user that downloaded the game?

Also i know Bluetooth isn't a server host, although you can play multiplayer with Bluetooth.

Can you add multiplayer?

Is the game ever going to get updated?

Can you add usernames?

ok, thanks for the short answer

Chomper doesn't have animations in the mod, sunflower does but sunflower's animations are unused

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ok, i'm not smart enough to understand that, sorry, soo uhh i use bluetooth to make and join servers? (btw now i already know (expected rhyme :/) that there are entities) (oh, i understand now, the game makes his own servers)

level 1 and 11 and 2

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how do i use multiplayer? making servers or with bluetooth? (i'm not smart enough to make a server myself thats why i asked) edit: there are entities? the only thing that scares me is the intrigue if there are entities, if there are (because i didn't see one) can you make a free mode to explore levels without entities?