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Hello there! Very promising demo, I think I can safely say that this is the best Metal slug-inspired game I've ever played. The pixel art and spritework is on point, the music is amazing and the gameplay super addictive. Reminded me a lot of these awesome arcade classics we used to get. Keep up the good work, I'll be waiting for the full version with anticipation. :)

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Super fun game, you can see a lot of work and care went into this. I've only finished the first part so far but I'm looking forward to play the rest. Keep up the good work developer, it's one of the best fan games I've seen so far!

Here's my video for anyone wondering what it looks like in action : 

Hello there!

I found your game on a random japanese game website (then found it here), pretty enjoyable experience, I liked it! Keep up the good work! :)

Here's my gameplay for anyone who might stumble upon this page and wonder what the game is about : 

I just explored the whole gallery and the only thing I have to say is congratulations folks, you created something super unique and awesome. I had a lot of fun looking at all the pictures and the overall ambiance was perfect. The world needs cool experiments like that and I'm glad I got to try it. 

Here's my video of my visit, thanks for making such an excellent and original project!

I played the project today and I have to say that while it's quite simple for the moment, it's a great proof of concept you got there. I would be curious to see what a full game with these simplified mechanics would look like. Excellent job, keep up the good work! Here's my walktrough if anyone wants to see what's the full experience is like.

I played the first level of this game (along with the first boss) for my obscure gaming channel today and I have to say it's pretty fun! I really liked the psycho Teletubbies. Good job to everyone involved! 

Needs some work but I can see the start of something good. Good luck with your project guys!

I just explored the whole gallery and I have to say I had a good time. The collection of strange assets and art pieces got me wondering at each turn what would come next. A neat experience that I think more people should try. Here's my let's play of this project : 

Super interesting proof of concept, congrats! This is truly impressive.

While a bit sad, the message is excellent and the game is enjoyable. Good job!

Pretty cool! :) Keep up the good work!

Hello there! I bought this game on Steam and have to say I truly love it , I think it has a ton of potential as it is truly special. I was wondering If any further updates were planned or If it was the final release.

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I just played this and I have to say it was pretty nicely done. Not too long or short, everything worked as it should, the puzzles made sense (which is often a big problem in point-and-click games), the ambiance believable and the graphics were adorable. Good job there devs! 

Awesome! Thanks to you for the quick update and , again, super promising software. Nice to see you already plan on adding some additional features, I'm sure they'll also be super fun to use. I'll follow the development with great interest! Wishing you a fantastic day and great success! :)

- Vervexx

Very interesting software! An export option would be awesome but other than that, the beats generated truly feel unique and often sound great! Good job there! 

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Interesting experience, I enjoyed teaming up with that talking rocket launcher, I feel like it could make a cool concept for a fully-fledged game. Superb work there, I'll follow your next productions with great interest!

Here's my short playthrough for anyone who wants to see what it's like  : 

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Bought this game on Steam and was pleased by the experience.

The visuals are quite charming, the sound design super cute & I couldn't help but laugh at the various references hidden in the office.

Good job! 

Here's my gameplay experience so far : 

Here's my short review of Life Tastes Like Cardboard

The Positive

- An interesting & moving story dealing with the topics of depression, death, loneliness, memory and mental health.

- Several varied art styles & moods evolving throughout the adventure, from very dark, almost angry and raw to childish and luminous.

- The game puts us in the head and the heart of its creator, as if we were invited to read a secret diary or a confidence of a close friend. It always felt personal and genuine.

- Fantastic sound design & audio experimentations , I liked the industrial tones and noises used here and there. The progression of the music in certain areas was really well done and the sound effects greatly contribute to the overall ambiance.

- I never knew what to expect and that was a good thing, it's easy to fall into general & easy tropes while dealing with subjects like these. You can also tell a lot of attention was put into little details, something that was especially appreciated from this reviewer.

- I enjoyed a lot of the cultural references and suggestions you can find by looking hard enough. I spent nearly an hour digging through the links of the in-game PC.

- An orange-juice rythmn game.

- The small-talk segments remembered me of some people that I truly miss and hit rather close to home, bonus points for that.

- It's 100% free (which is surprising considering the overall quality of the whole thing).

The Negative

- Some areas are a bit confusing to navigate (which fits the theme of the game, it's just not my cup of tea).

- I encountered a small bug with the in-game PC where it would sometimes fail to size properly, making it impossible to leave and explore the rest of the appartment without closing the whole game.

- Some small & random slowdowns at time, nothing major.

Should you play it?

If you are currently looking for a deeply introspective & remarkably original adventure, You should definitely play this game.

I was quite surprised by the Steam store page at first glance and the tons of good reviews but people were right, it was indeed a special experience which I can highly recommend.

Just be warned that it tackles heavy subjects in a highly artistic & personal way and might not be for everyone.

Good job! Reminded me a lot of Twin Peaks and the uneasy ambiance of David Lynch's movies. I really enjoyed my experience.

Here's my playthrough without any commentary : 

Entertaining little project. I really like the idea of a haunted PS1 game taking place in a museum. Too bad it's so short. I hope you consider making a longer version someday.

Here's my no-commentary gameplay if anyone wants to see what it's like : 

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Just played this and I have to say it was surprisingly good. Too bad it's so short, I would've loved to discover more of that world. Keep up the good work! :)

Here's my no commentary Let's play.

Adorable little game, I like it!

Interesting little game even If it is quite simple, great to spend a few minutes between tasks or to unwind for a short period of time. Good job!