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Whisky works better for me but it's all very slow compared to PC.

Thanks anyway 

For the record this is my favourite game, in fact it's the only game I play lol. I can't play noita, I just don't play games anymore.

yes I got it working with whisky (a wine wrapper with macOS own take on proton) and it does work somewhat ok but it's nowhere as fast as on an old PC. :) would be amazing the game get reverse engineered so we have native version for other OS. Like arm Linux too.

windows 11 is bloated as hell

it works decently on macos with parallels but then this thing takes like 40GB of storage.. that is way too much just for noita... I hope you can make a build for macos, even just x64

Can you make a macOS build pls? 

turn off your antivirus. it's a false positive

Can you port this game to Apple Silicon please?

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try this,

open the terminal and type '

xattr -dr /path/to/app

note: instead of typing the path of the app manually, you can also drag and drop the program in the terminal window.

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Whats your setup? I have regular slowdowns with an mobile i7 4th gen intel cpu but works fine on a desktop ryzen 1600AF