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Locke dude, why 3 bullet bursts from A.I ships for instant death? This game is not in good way hard. Controls wasn't the best and wobbly to rotate in wanted direction not the most easy to control game 

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not sure how to play it you move with wasd and thats it no controls for i don't know what..

You suc d MD, f you

Simle easy not so much. IT TASTED LIKE CHOCOLATE BAR.

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Yep, best part is that always then making game there is some new stuff to be learned and old to be remembered.  I also had hope to enter this month 48 jam . I learned that my productivity and time management is really bad, but I at least made live intro sequance . It also was heading towards space exploration involving  potato (as aliens species), asteroid (for ending  of first level) and maybe more. I recorded with gif capture intro to game it is made in blender game engine.

interesting game I reached 100.00 upgrade points on gun/ship hull fought pirates, but there was for sure not exactly well played godot card in the way that it felt like it had small amount of joy and happiness and part of it was game simplicity and lack of features and in my case movement of ship then flying from planet to planet.





This game have simple I liking style. It combines asteroid, adaptaion and immune system. Best part is that you become earths atmosphere and get the idea how hard it must be to secure us for 400 Million years from space garbage. ;) Appreciate Windows export will be my mini pc game to pass time then I'm bored. 

It's a pleasant surprise ^^ I thought it wasnt first game for some of your team. Programmer  had for sure much knowledge to create main menu, tracking to player other collision stuff. Art was top notch as in flash games or Limbo from specific elements outside. This game have great visual style, music was good, enviroment sounds been annoying at some points.

Not bad for 48h game, from wierd to strange  game is a small line.  And it was definatly strange well done guys.

If possible later export to windows .app to .exe

Any theme would be fine as long as it makes imagination go wild...

Religious Story

Flying Simulator

Utopia of Cats