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Kindred spirits. Roaming forever lost. United by naught, but their shared faith in tales long forgotten.







And yet i STILL return, as if I expect ANYTHING to have changed.

I like how his right shoulder (our left) is just nonexistent.

Also we have the exact same hair, give or take some length. How dare /pos

Oh goodness, I was going to replay the demo, thinking "Oh I should do some commissions so I can buy this when it comes out soon."

Imagine my happiness when I realize that I ALREADY DID like two years ago (Goodness, has it really been that long already?)

Computer: "Please i have like 2kb and a rusty paper clip left to my name, acknowledge this"
Me: "mm, carot gaem"

I have no idea how many times ive commented on this at this point.

Even still, uh, great game. give them your money (or dont but you totally should.) 

Oh and the person/people who manage the patreon are so goofy and I love them. (Fanks for the condolences, patreon friend(s))

Jokes aside, both Royal Order and Royal Alchemist have helped me a lot with finding myself, and getting through some really depressive times. I am such a sucker for fantasy mage-esque older-setting stories. So if that's your cup of tea, this is absolutely worth the money. theyre written in such a way that the possibility of being the same gender as the LI you're pursuing doesnt feel like an afterthought like it does in so many othersSeriously, that's a weirdly prevalent issue in VN's where you can pick your gender. Itll use the right pronouns, sure, but it will describe it in a way that makes it sound like a heterosexual pairing, like in shitty fujoshi content that's explicitly made so girls can project themselves onto one of the guys. So i think it's really cool that Nifty Visuals doesn't do that. This turned into a rant and I am not sorry in the slightest.

Im not sure if online converters are accurate, but the one i used says itd be roughly 92.85MYR

(sorry i just saw this)
i dont know of any walkthroughs that cover every ending aside from the official one. but if I find any, ill let you know

there are walkthroughs, but you can save frequently, and there should be a menu that has your path progress. I forget which tab has it, but you'll know if you made the right choice depending on if the progress bar next to the route your going for has gone up or down. (Imo the routes arent difficult to get right fundamentally. It's just making sure you have enough points in the right stats when need be.)


I may not be able to be a highly wanted criminal in the game, but dammit i can pretend I am for this

Aaa I love this little demo. it's so cute

(also some fanart because the concept is adorable)

Why was the war criminal staring at me like this in the end

They're all so silly 

Sorry I never check itchio notifs lmao. yeah, and go ahead! It'd be an honor, this was such an interesting little game

Funny lil stickman guy my beloved <3

Gidget: "I just like playing the male characters. it's more fun"

Me: *Stares in trans guy who said the same shit my whole life* "ok."

Jokes aside, Ghent is babygorl.

With my people pleasing curse, i can normally maneuver my way to the route im going for with ease. WHY AM I FUCKING IT UP SO BADLY HERE?

Don't tell me. I'll figure it out. At first I thought it might be pfp based, but that must have just been a lucky coincidence. The first day's options feel limited, and gods kill me before i choose any of the even more embarrassing options. dammit.

It's a good game, though. I'm just being moody.

Is this what it's like to be a dude version of a fujoshi? This is what goes on in their heads?

Being a queer twink, i need some sort of defense mechanism i swear.

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Edit: A lot of people don't like my takes on this vn. It's not like im some non furry being a dick- I make the suits for a living. My being a dick in this comment was kind of for my own entertainment lmao. Anyway. 

It took me a few days to get through this, and i have to say... I am disappointed. I'd heard such great things about this, but not once did I feel upset. Well, aside from the last third of the game being so agonizingly boring.

Both MC and Amicus are overgrown children with no control over their infantile temper tantrums. Them fighting over the smallest things, or getting so worked up for selfish reasons was incredibly difficult to sit through.

Not to mention I didnt care for Amicus at all. He's just your usual "Himbo wolf furry with the mental capacity of a 10 year old" And absolutely nothing interesting beyond that.

I have to say, my favorite characters were Neferu, Alexios and Cassius respectively. They had something interesting going on. More than one layer of personality and motivations. Sure, Amicus had that in the first act, but once MC is informed of what's really happening, he loses all intrigue.

Also I'd like to point out, for a visual novel, you hardly get any decisions. It left me feeling even more disconnected, even if mc wasn't an insufferable brat with a victim complex.

One last thing, things going wrong one after another got super predictable super quickly. After the dance happened, I found myself just assuming that if something could go wrong, it would. And if something went right, then the next thing that happens will be even worse than usual. This is probably my cold-hearted douchebag-y-ness talking, but I felt little to no emotion other than frustration through this entire game. Through every "trying to be emotional" scene, i just found myself repeating "I seriously could not care less. Can we just move along and act like reasonable adults?"

TL;DR If you like slice of life with and immature single love interest, and an equally immature MC, you'll probably like this. If that's not your cup of tea, dont waste your time. There were very few engaging moments, just overwhelming fluff and domestic arguments with your occasional actual bit of real drama.

I dont know what happened lmfao i didnt have this installed till way after i bought those so im assuming it was a glitch with my pc asdhksdahkd

If you haven't played this yet wtf are you doing with your life?

i played this for the first time in December

i come back to it religiously

If i stay away from it for too long, the sound effects are better than therapy

this is what i get when i play a phenomenal VN not long after coming out to my family i suppose

i just remembered that this comes out soon, i didnt realize it'd be tomorrow. 

Guess ill have to keep myself occupied until then

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"Ending 4" 

i have not a regret in my decision of playing this game

i will get all the endings

i will reply to this with art probably

and man

i sure as hell will get my eyes checked after this


I plaed pattycake with nagito :D

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I was never good at wordle. Or hangman

Edit: I literally cant find this game's data in my Regedit. There's only one file that might be it, but I don't think i'm willing to test it. Fine. I guess you win. You get to know that i'm dyslexic and cant do words

edit; the edit-en-ing (ft. spoilers): Sir how many big companies have you extorted to be able to buy out an entire wedding venue, AND and island?

help why is there no reference sheet on the internet of cove. i REQUIRE-

Mc: [at tamarack] are your parents dead?

Qiu: MC.

Mc: What?

best line so far

you're smart and dont force yourself to work excessively. I wish i knew when to stop, but no, i get upset over not writing 10k words in a day-

Regardless, I'm so excited for more chapters. It's worth the wait considering how awesome this story is

Yo i just realized this game came out like 100 days ago! That long already? I still think about this game like twice a week vndsoifiafehiusaeo

Hey, things happen! If nothing else, I can say with 100% certainty that this demo inspired many people to start writing visual novels. Myself included. I probably wouldn't have gotten into developing or writing if I never found this game. Hell, this game even pushed me to do cosplay as well. 

I do hope that this game eventually finds a resolution, no matter how many years or decades it shall take. But until then, please take care of yourselves. 

I know all too well what it's like to push yourself to far that you just don't wanna continue anymore.

Hell yeah first try! I loved this! Short and to the point, but still establishes an environment and story

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Onion when tho
I wanna see whats behind that moody bih

Jokes aside, the urge to make fan characters of this game is MORE THAN PALPABLE
"We might as well be married and i dont even know your real name, smh"

That aside, i did this in the order of; Xyx (by just doing what i would normally do in a situation like this), Quest, NightOwl, then NakedToaster. I should have done this sooner istg

"If you want to pause the game, type the command /traveleroasis"


Awkward Unus Annus Pictures

"Im pretty sure im allergic to kiwi"

Brooo dont be embarrassed, me too. Its a secret cuz i really like kiwi, and i am MORE THAN WILLING to go to the ER to scarf down a few of those

Game: "Heres a story with adorable art and a third person-kinda- protagonist! Have fun with it, find that special someone, don't get killed-"

Me: "stay in the closet"

Game: "Wh? No, you... wait ill help you"

Me: "Back in the closet"

Game: "No, stop, there's nothing for you there"

Me: "Back in the closet"

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Okay so i was trying to use RpaExtract on this game because i was stuck on trying to get Aria's Survival ending, hoping to find out some sort of pointer in the code, and uh...

I think I found Our Life DLC for Step 1 and Voiced Names in the files? That's a little strange

Edit: I couldnt find a guide so imma put one here once i finish the game

Im not super far into the new update, but Artemis' coin collection reminds me of the time last summer when my cousin and I tried to find a quarter from ever US state for a week. We got most of them, I don't remember which ones we were missing by the end of the week tho

Oh Ziryan. Mx. bad timing, bursting in during almost every special moment. I wonder how much of the story is left, and how many more "WHAT IS HAPPENING? WH- What is happening?"moments they're going to have

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yknow... there's one thing about this game ive noticed recently, now that im giving Aurelius' route another go.

The game can't seem to decide if his fief is spelt "Zelfos" or "Zelflos"

Not an issue, i just thought it was funny

It's saying a lot that tiny details like this are the only flaws i can find, after replaying this *masterpiece* so many times

I was originally reading this months ago if not more. I originally dropped it because it wasn't complete, but screw it, im caving. I remember this being AMAZING and there's two more chapters since i last focused on it

Yknow, i kinda feel bad for Whitney. She definitely comes off as more Tsundere than someone who actually wants to see MC suffer. I kinda wish that trail of cloth lead to some sort of conclusion

im not the only one who is a bit more than mildly concerned for the developer, am I?

It isnt a crash, i guess it's just there to make you regret not listening to it or something. I believe it has a counter for how many times you're allowed to click "Feed" before it decides you're done