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Oh wow! Thank you for answering i can't wait until the full game and goodluck on the game development!

I'm sorry if you answered this already but how much will the full game be?

Just played this and i have to say it was AMAZING! The art is beautiful as well as the characters. Especially Asha she is so gorgeous and i think she's my favorite character so far. The writing is done so nicely and i love how the choices are so important. The MC is such a bad bitch and i love her attitude and how she's so elegant and poised at the same time. I'm looking forward to the full game when it comes out (you'll be seeing me in the comments). Good Luck!

I really like this, i appreciate how it's in like modern times with the way they dress and talk. Especially since me and my friends talk like this to each other lmao. Looking forward to the game!

I loved this game so much, the other day I was just complaining that there weren't enough mafia-type visual novels with female protagonists and this popped up in my feed! I got both the love endings and I must say I really enjoyed them both but Andino's was my favorite. I love that cold character trope. I named my hog FUZZY and it was so funny to have her/him there during the scenes. I also admire the art style, it reminds me of some of my favorite childhood books and i love it! Looking forward to more of your Visual Novels!

I'm boutta BUSS out in tears i'm so excited