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This game is looking hella good so far! Excited for the full release. 😊 

Also I like hot boys. 👍🏻  

I did a quick showcase of the demo, everything is so stylized and colorful & I'm really excited for the actual release! 

Can't wait for my Cryaotic baby to be playable. 💖

Don't tell Marzia

My 1st hour into the game and my initial impression is that the soundtrack is really fitting here! Gives a more heighten feel to what I'm doing while traversing the Library. And any game that is like the Original 'Ib' is A-ok in my books, 👌

(: I hope I have time to finish this game asap & I'm also doing a full series on this so heres the 1st part to it. 

Wishing the AR Team a lot of exposure for this game in the near future! - Verociel

Always loved Pixel Style horror games, and this really kept me on my toes.

Thanks for releasing the demo, eagerly awaiting for the full release! :)

If there's anything I got addicted to while playing this game other than my ONS, 

it'd be your beautiful artwork.

Looking forward to your future releases. o7

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10/10, Thanks Cry.

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I did a Let's Play and I hope it would serve as a feedback of some sort for you. :)

Your game kept me on the edge of my seat for the whole duration, really looking forward to more of your releases in the future if possible. Kudos! 

Hey! Just wanted to ask, what should I do at the Scene where I had to cut a dude down with an Axe? It seems that no matter what I do, the only choice I have is to die by picking the Axe up after slashing the dude down.

Turning a Meme into a game is an awesome idea. Great work! <3

This was an adorable game, I'll be looking forward to more games like these in the future if you're planning to make em, :) Did a little read and play on it!

I did a Let's play of it! It was actually a really charming game <3 Quite surprised this small little indie game didn't get much recognition.

I made my own Let's play on it. Pretty short, but the Silent Hill vibe was very spooky! Thanks Dev for the spooks c:

Neat-o game! Reminded me of the Witch's House. A lot of save points near each other so I guess I can really feel safe when dying. Great job Dev. :D <3