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Found a couple of bugs.

1) When you give the crown to the king, Dizzy says some of the king's lines and vice versa (I played the Russian version)

2) When the king knighted Dizzy and I returned to Zaks's castle, the elevator to Daisy's room was gone. After saving and loading of the game, elevator appeared again.

It’s sad. I have certain problems with Paypal payments.

Anyway, this is a great game.

Is it possible to pay in another way for the purchase, besides Paypal? Directly pay with card, for example?

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Great game!

Thanks for the answer. This type of G-code suits for me (for converting to Heidenhain format).

Great app. I bought it.

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Greetings. Could you post an example of the CNC-code that produces Holocraft (about 30-50 lines)?

Great game.
I spent 4 hours nonstop to beat it on easy level.
I really liked it.

You can learn about engine here: Dizzyage home

But, must warn you, this engine is Windows only. And of all adapted to create Dizzy-like quest platformers.
Also last public version was v2.4 (in 2010)

Version 2.5 is a few improvements and fixes that I've made myself and it's not yet available for public use.