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This looks great - can't wait to see what you come up with

Thank you! A bit every day builds up to be quite a lot - one room, a rumour or two and suddenly there's a pile of stuff. :-)

Just watched the live play with PlusOneExp and this looks great!

As well as being an excellent adventure in itself, the characters are well imagined (and illustrated!) and are ready to pluck out and use wherever you wish.. I used two of the characters, Riff and Raff in our game when I needed a couple of hardy rat bandits at short notice and they did the job perfectly.

Did I mention the illustrations? They're lovely, and give you a real visual hook to describe the characters.

Woooooo! So excited for this game! So much cool stuff in the appendices that you’ve published so far. 

Cool! Will do.

This generator is so cool. I watched 'The Lighthouse' yesterday and I feel I'm slightly obsessed with lighthouses now. 

Such a good adventure - I got the print copy in a bundle with the rules, now I have a digital copy too! 

This is fantastic - I needed a small map to work on a game and this did the job perfectly.

Caves of Evil is one of Terence's better-known works. It is very difficult to find now, as the original copies were either bad photocopies or print outs from bulletin boards. 

We're lucky to have access to this true old-school masterpiece.

This is a really smart character sheet! Lots of thought has gone into the layout and all the important information is right at your fingertips. Bravo!

Is there be any better combination of words in the English language than "random" and "goblin"? Surely not.

This is a lovely little booklet to give your goblins some fizz to stand out from the rest of the (green) crowd. It is worth owning for the fantastic art alone, but the tables are quite brilliant.

Just get it. Now. Go on. 

It's such a nice feeling when you see something that makes you suck the air in through your teeth and proclaim "COOL!". 

If digital publishing was made for anything at all, then clearly it was for this book and the way it responds to you interacting with it. Each part of the HMTW (HMtW!?!) project is a lovely crafted jewel that looks like it will fit together with the others to make an arcane pocket-watch of uncanny beauty.

"We've caught a harpy, which bit do we make the potion with?".

"Not sure; which bit do you want to try first?"

"It's ...erm... ear?"

"On you go then, here's the alembic..."

"And you'll try another bit if it doesn't work?"

"Oh, yeah, definitely, I'll do that, yeah, no question, if it doesn't work...  yeah..."

This is quite brilliant. It goes some way to summing up the many years I worked for various local councils in the UK. Definitely written with an insider's eye.