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That sounds great - I have VoV and it's on my list to get to the table soon!

Another fantastic setting from Riles - this could be used as with EcoMOFOS or any other post-apocalyptic ttrpg.

Also meant to say, I love the art in the zine, it really captures the flavour (pun intended).

This is a superb addition to any game, but I'm especially excited that it is playing-card based. I'm going to try using it with the playing-card based RPG I've written. It will fit in really smoothly, I think.

There are some great ideas in here! 

Hi! Thanks for your question! They don't affect anything in Exploration Cycle, but I have a role-playing game, Treasured Possessions that the systems come from. In Treasured Possessions, the characters are spirits protecting a village and the interact with the world by inhabiting the villagers. To be compatible, the spirit needs to match the suit of their trait, Will, with either of the villager's traits, Strength or Skill.

Because you can use both games together, I left the suits in here so they're 100% transferable. 

I'm hoping to publish a play test version of Treasured Possessions soon, maybe once I've got an example adventure to go with it.

Hope that helps!

Packed with dusty desert atmosphere - a fantastic module.

Cool, thanks for the reply!

This is so good! The messages, the radio tower, the creeping doom, fantastic! 

Will anywhere in Europe be carrying the print copy? I'd love to get a print version when it is available, but shipping across the ocean (or from the UK, to be  honest) is a nightmare.

This is so cool! A proper poke bowl of an adventure, lots of tasty bits that blend together to make something fantastic. 

This is a cool list of backgrounds for Fallen or any other game in a 17th century-ish setting. I especially like the way the traits, equipment, etc. are typified into helpful, risky and difficult categories.

Thank you so much for your comments, I’m really pleased you like it, I am a big fan of your art and games.

I get you - that's a bit beyond my skills, but something to think about figuring out. Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it!

I've just checked on the PDF on my laptop and downloaded the file here and both of then have links to the pages in the table of contents. If I however over a name of a table or the page number and click, it takes me to that page. If that doesn't work when you download it, let me know.

So glad you're enjoying the game! The table of contents was supposed to be interactive, so let me take a look at that and see what's happening. 

I put the four tables that you use most often inside the back cover so they'd be there for easy access.

Thank you for taking the time to comment, it's really helpful to hear your thoughts. 

A good read, and so much of it is similar to my own experience. Your end result is amazing and a testament to your perseverance through the year. I enjoyed following along and look forward to seeing whatever you do next. 

Congratulations! I made it to the end, but didn't always stick to a bit every day - I was putting things out once a month, so I could be a little flexible. Some months felt like a struggle, others ripped out quickly. 

I think the main things I learned were to try to have a broad idea (each month) before jumping in but also not to stress if ideas weren't coming - a lot of things popped into being while I was out walking my dog rather than slaving over a hot keyboard. December only came together later in the month when I figured out what was going on and a few loose ends from earlier in the year got tied together.

CONGRATULATIONS! So happy to see you've made it to the end! The city map looks amazing! I've enjoyed following your project through the year. 

I just received a copy of Archol from The Lost Bay and saw there was a game set in the world. It looks fantastic, I can't wait to try it out!

This is such a cool idea, and well written and put together.

Thank you!

Thank you! Think 2024 is going to be my year of trying to draw stuff. This was exciting to do, nerve wracking to post and I can only improve by doing a bit every day, I figure.

This is very cool, lots of flavour.

Love the sentient cats! Not far to go now, amazing work! 

Fantastic art! I can already think of a few places to use these!

This has a fantastic hand made feel, the style of lettering has big 90's style. Lots of ways to weave it into a game, too. NO CANDY!

Glad you like it! The copy editor has promised to give it a read over soon as they've heard there's a spelling mistake or two. You know how provincial newspapers can be...

Fantastic work, keep it up! I found August/September really difficult, but now I can see we're getting closer to the end I think the pressure is off.

This is so cool - everywhere needs an isolated elevator...

Cool article! HMTW got me thinking about using cards instead of dice, so thank you.

Absolutely agreed, I'm nine months into a twelve month thing, I've got pamphlets galore - I'm going to finish this off, re-edit the whole thing and get at least one book made. Good luck to you!

A valley of tombs, how cool is that! These are fantastic, keep up the good work!

This is so cool - I'm so glad that you're still going with this, it's really atmospheric! Keep up the good work! Three quarters of the way there now.

Looks great - keep up the good work!

Thank you! I'm really pleased you liked it. 

Bendy rivers and multiple bridges look so good - lovely work!

This is fantastic, I laughed a lot and they are really handy tables. Some many duck jokes, but I have to pick out "cure any mallardy" as my favourite. I also really liked the way it's written like a conversation, that's really fresh and engaging.

Cool! Hopefully get something else in. 

It's been a busy time! Found a bit of time between things and made a micro-tool. Who knows, I might time to do something else, I hope so...