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incredible... i have no words. thank you for making this, you should be intensely proud of yourself for making this piece of art

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absolutely beautiful game. thank you so much for making this, it was an amazing experience. such wonderful visuals and harsh but delicate storytelling. you should be so proud of what you have made!

edit: i would gladly pay money for this. plus the music?? magnificent!!

this was rlly cool, love how the lil robot got built with the new mechanics :) thank you!!

pretty cool game.

this was so sick! i love it. rlly nice artstyle too <33


i would love to play :) @ , thanks so much!!

absolutely beautiful.

i love this idea! id definitely like to see more content added in the future. i love the sarcastic tone of the cctv camera and i adore the art style. nice one!! <3

this is so sick omfg i adored this!! <33

so cute omg i love this :3 ty

this is so cool, im excited to see where this will go!!  love the artstyle so much and the action feels smooth. id really like to see more movesets and harder  bosses, thanks! :) <3

this is such a cool game omg. the physics are really spot on and i love the artstyle. it really creates this sense of deep isolation. nice one, im excited to see what else you have in store!! <3

what a wonderfully strange little game! so glad i played this :) thanks for remastering, else i wouldnt have know about this game <3

an absolutely wonderful short lil game w a cute doggy :) thanks for this lovely experience <33

this is fucking insane i adore it <333

this is such a sick game, im super excited for new levels!! i love how you implemented mechanics so seamlessly and the music is FIRE. nice one! :)

absolutely stunning game. beautiful visuals, heartwrenchingly-realistic dialogue, wonderful music, good pacing. congrats, you should be proud of yourselves on this piece of art.

really really cute idea, i agree with what some other commenters have said (i dont want to be repeating the same things lol) but im super excited to see where this goes and how it improves, nice job! 

this is sick, i love this. the art is so cool and the story is lovely. i really appreciate the deep subjects and it really gets to you! really great job this is fantastic <33