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Can you link please? Can't find it

Only on patreon at the moment. We'll see how it goes when Act 1 is done. :)

Next month.

Thank you so much. :) we'll do our best. 

We'll have to wait until act 1's over unfortunately but I'm sure it'll definitely happen.
That said, There are probably some keys at Indiegala being sold right now. I don't know if it would fix the regional problem though.

We'll consider that once we have made a substantial stride to the game's progress. it will take awhile the project only has 1 artist and one programmer working on it.

Hopefully not but it's entirely dependent on her availability and if she's still interested when the time comes.

Voices will be added once we've made a signifant stride over the story part of the game. for now it's on the backburner.

We'll be posting a public build once we give the game more content and polishing. Right now, we're getting feedbacks and planning on new additional materials moving forward. :)

That said, we'll be posting new devblog on where we are in development. :)

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We literally have a new build ,posted at patreon , last week, being tested for bugs. So far, we're accumulating bug reports and cleaning the game out.

Indeed! :)

January with next month's code cleanup and art revisions added. :D

Hello Vendetta,

we're currently working on character arcs right now and , afterwards, Blackholtz. Once those stuff are done, we're gonna go to polishing then wrapping up act 1.

That issue is more of an account limitation.
Here is a tutorial on how to view adult games:

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We're currently  creating mid corruption contents as of the moment. Should we reach an ample amount, high corruption is next.

The lowering of corruption score is up for debate but there are already scenes that favor Rowan in a high corruption score. it's a matter on how you do the run.

Hope this answers your question. :)

Public release has long been ceased for itch. 

Probably the next release is a demo with an updated gameplay mechanics.
That said,  there will be a finished version here  once act 1 is done.

Hello Dissidiatime,

We're currently developing 2 games right now, Seeds of Chaos and Jessika's Curse, which both are in the alpha stages.

It'll take a several years to finish the whole SoC saga as we're just tying the loose ends for act 1 .

No promises but we'll see what the future holds. :)

Hello Hencuka,

This update will be included along with the proceeding build (.61) January next year along with an additional mechanical and art  revamps we're currently working on. 

The reason for this is to ensure that the next steam build  will be as stable as possible as ,currently working on enhancing and updating the mechanical side of the game right now, we're getting alot of bug reports currently.

Hope this answers your question. :)

Steam just got update this week. Next one will be posted in the future.

Please post a screenshot of the error, or the text. Nobody else has reported this issue so it would be very helpful.

Slave training was a prototype for something that is no longer in development, and as a result is now defunct. 

It is free, you have to click "No thanks, just take me to the downloads" when it asks you to donate and it will take you to the download page.