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ah yes thnx for pointing it out !

i was just reading the other comments saying they couldn't wait for part 5 so i assumed it was going to be realised in a near future !

a quick but really fun play !

the pixelated artstyle really adds to the vibe and the music complemented it well.

over all just very entertaining to play !!

just finished this game and- wow ! 

the story was so compelling and the characters were all so charming.

the puzzles were also really fun to solve.

the twist at the end was amazing and it really threw me off.

can't wait for the next chapter !

absolutely loved playing it !

the graphics and use of colours were beautifully done which kept my attention where it should be.

the storyline itself was quite intriguing.

my favourite part had to be the changing dialougues- i really enjoy getting all the available endings to a game, and the constant little changes made me not want to skip to the choices and actually pay attention to the story itself.

will definetly play the other games and i cant wait to see any future projects from you !