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You got it precisely, Naomi Armitage was the inspiration.

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Thanks for the comments! Much appreciated.

I should mention this is a prototype demo for an asset pack. The dev can choose to early exit out of actions (the block is the example in the prototype, for the punching action set we can early exit by hitting the block). For this example, I opted not to early exit with anything else, although I can add a roll or dodge to act the same and I'll want to remove middle mouse as that is bad for web.

Yup, the first A is an example of non-root motion movement. Additionally A in Set 1 will also target enemies in front and the B in Set 2 will target enemies in front. It's showing how to add movement beyond animations and also how to use the Target feature. So any actions of this type will break from platforms at the moment. I think I'll add a toggle to that to allow it to break or not.

However, actions with root motion will generally stay withthe platform. For instance, if you do a B action with the initial set, you'll stay on the platform. Since A doesn't use root motion and uses the action's motion exactly, it doesn't care about keeping on platforms. With this in mind, I think the two sets I can showcase can be rootmotion/non root variety, to show their differences with stronger contrast.

Like you said, I have some things to iron out. Thanks for your feedback!

Just for context, the options for the actions:

Yes. of course. Good luck!

Yes, of course. Good luck!

Thanks for the comment! I'm waiting to hear back from a few other testers and writing up the documentation at the moment. I'm the only one on the project, but I'm shooting to send it to the Store May 15, and then probably a week for Unity to review it. If all goes well, end of May!

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Thank you for the thoughts! 

You've inspired me in many ways.

This build is an iteration of a previous prototype of mine, Chambers

It's at a super early phase but it's built with long term systems in mind (unlike Chambers which was a jam game and is horribly buggy and messy) and more functionality.

I will certainly be posting weekly updates as I move along here,  your thoughts are super appreciated. Thank you!



That's awesome! Thank you for letting me know. Good luck and much success!

Thanks @kippllo. I agree, and I'm hoping to return to this fun little side project to get some dynamics. What do you think? Do you  have anything you would like to see in the project?