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Venr Vals

A member registered Dec 02, 2016

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This game is incredibly good. But it would be a lot more intuitive, I belive, if it was a mobile game. There's just something not great about the way the compendium and the bar next to it with the results of the mixtures, that just didnt work.

The game is delightful though. I absolutely love it.

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I tried refusing to throw the book into the garbage bin and broke the game HAHAHAHA I'm restarting it to see the whole story, but now I know it's going to make me real sad and I already like the game less knowing that in advance.

It's still a great game, beautiful, I'm just mentally preparing for the crying.

EDIT#1: "You'll find something waiting, right there where you left it" killed me.

EDIT#2: It was nice to have that choice at the end. And I must say, it's great when you see it as a fictional tale. And I loved it, a lot. But if the game was different, and if we knew the whole context for the break up, I wonder if the "Another chance" ending is really an option.

Let me repeat how much I loved it. Great job. 

This ????? Is ????? The ????? Cutest ????? Game ?????

Simple and sweet and fun. I loved it a lot.

I was playing the first level where the lights go out and I was like "creepy that the music goes away". And then "why is the screen going black at times?". I realized what was going on when I was about to go up a hall and suddenly a table was in the way.

Peace out (? I'm not a horror game player in the slightest. Great game concept though. It also looks adorable as hell. Awesome.

Do not worry, I am way too much of a coward to do it.

This game made me feel like life sucks as much as I think it sucks and I fear if I replay it I'm not going to get a happy ending anyway and I'm going to further more want to kill myself IRL. Good game design. 

I was able to download it but then this showed up.