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This was just with 20 in each dump. I don't understand how the people below me have so much in their dumps.

By how much money you have I am clearly missing something. I did everything as efficiently as I could, investing in the bank. How do you have so many resources in your trash dumps? What is the use of dump money?

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I tried playing as efficiently as possible without calculating how to do it. I know I lost just a couple of bucks but this is still acceptable. You don't know how many times I had to restart because I accidentally deleted one of my buildings though. I have to say my least favorite part is sometimes the linking doesn't work, and you have to select something and unselect it. But you can see by how hard I worked I still liked the game. 

For anyone having trouble making lines; trying selecting a building and deselecting it. For some reason you can have a building selected without the square to place it highlighted, and that prevents you from making lines.

This game is pretty simple and easy to understand, but still requires good attentive skills. It reminds me that a good game doesn't have to be complex.