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Hello! I finally got to record your game, as we've already chatted about, last time i tried it didn't work with any of my recording programs, but I've gotten myself a couple of new ones and now it worked fine! Thanks for sending me the game due to the download from this page didn't work! :D

Here is the link to the video! Hope you like it!

- VenomCrow

Yeah! I just saw it! Sorry been all occupied with Destiny 2 so it just passed my mind, but i just saw it and replied! Thanks! :D

Cool! :D Yeah, if you could do that that would be awesome :)

Hello! Game looks wonderful based on the video and the pictures! I'm a small YouTuber and wanted to do a video on your game, but AVG refused to run the game, it detected it as virus so thats something you would want to look into :) Plus, a tip, Winrar, is a very very handy tool in projects like this, so i advise you to use that! Thanks! :D

Hey! I've just uploaded a letsplay video of your game and i must say i had a blast playing it! If you're interested, check it out!