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The Spanish translations are already in progress:

Well-rounded game overall. I would hope that the sprites are animated, as well as a smoother transition between cutscenes and gameplay. Otherwise, play it and let it speak for itself!

Good game (I think??) XD my senses are overwhelmed by this masterpiece

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Quick, fun, easy gameplay. The listed bugs were very straightforeward, helped a lot!

Butterfly Soup was the game released after this. Check it out if you haven't already!

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The unofficial prequel of the game is Butterfly Soup, where you see Pom and Shibe in the game's ending. As with the sequel, Brianna states that there probably won't be a sequel to Pom Gets Wi-FI. However the sequel to Butterfly Soup + possible future Butterfly Soup games might include Pom and Shibe.

Here's the source to her stating that it probably won't happen:

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Brianna's the sole creator of the game!

We all make big oopsies in our life lmao

Be nice to poor Min XD They both deserve the best :')))

There is merch on Brianna's shop.  I have linked Brianna's tumblr FAQ. Her merch store is down right now, but when it opens back up again, you should be able to see existing Pom Gets Wi-Fi merch, such as the Pom and Shibe charms!