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Interesting game! The special bar felt difficult to fill up at first, though I've been managing more consistently since then. May just be a luck thing.

I like that it still lets you do the final shot even when the timer is at 0 as long as you clicked before it. High score is 52 right now.

That makes sense. Thanks for the reply, I thought I was going crazy trying to solve it, heh.

Having played through the rest of the levels now, I think "Shifty-Block-Stopper" may also be broken because the telekinesis power seems bugged while standing on ice (it moves things as far as possible instead of one tile at a time). Or maybe there's a way to work around that that I haven't discovered yet.

I really enjoyed the game overall, though!

I'm enjoying this game, but I can't seem to complete the "Panda-Mine-Yum" level. I've been looking at the hints but they make no sense, like they're not talking about the same level I'm looking at, and I can't think of any way to solve it either.

Any help?

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Thanks for fixing! It seems that has reset all my progress, though. Ah well. :s (It was the web version.)

I've gotten to the porcupine-like Gregory but now it won't save my game anymore. It says "game saved!" but every time I load it, it's back to right before I combined the Gregorys into that one, all later progress gone.

Was working fine before, obviously, as it did save it up to that point, but now it won't anymore.

Cute game! I found the keyboard controls hard to get used to, though. It would have been nice to be able to configure the keys.

The editor is neat, but right clicking in the web version only works about 5% of the time and I couldn't find a way to quit back to the editor when testing. There is a "restart" function that does nothing, and no button to go back to editing. Not sure if those are just issues with the browser version, though.

It took me a while to understand the game, especially that I could click on the flying items and the thief, but it was fun after that. Perhaps a bit more clarity on what things are and what they mean could be good.

What I found odd was the autofire, which was active for me almost 100% of the time from a certain point and eventually began stacking up faster than it was running out, with no reason to stack it since the thief makes it so you can't "idle" for long. This made the autofire upgrades useless and made the flying items have a 50% chance to essentially give me nothing. By the end, I had almost 10 minutes of autofire time queued up. Perhaps it could be made less frequent or some other solution could be found (lower chance the more time is already queued up?).

All in all though, this was an interesting concept. Nice work!

Ahh good work on the update! I especially liked being able to speed up the production. There's a small visual glitch though where the shown cost of the speed upgrades doesn't increase. The actual cost increases as it should, though, so it's purely visual.

The numbers here are rather strange. Since the costs don't increase, each tier has a point where you can infinitely buy more because you're earning money faster than you can spend it. I worked my way up the tiers this way, but when I got to 1000 robot employees, the game slowed down so much my browser wanted to force-stop it.

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Either I'm not understanding something or the shop seems bugged. There's "0/2" under every item that never changes to a different number, and I need to have enough money to buy two of a consumable to actually buy it, otherwise it subtracts my money but doesn't purchase it (works fine for the clicker upgrades though).

If this is intended, then it's not clear to me why it's happening.

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Nice idea, but I cannot paste the code anywhere outside the game window because it only pastes a line break, so I can't actually export it. (Using Waterfox.)

EDIT: Oops, just noticed this was from last year and it's been on hold.

Click and drag a line with the mouse, and when you let go, the bird poops at that angle. It was clear to me from the game description, so I can't agree with the complaint.

Very clever! I liked that it's not too obvious at first what you're trying to do, but it fell into place for me once I realised it.

Neat! Got around to playing this today. The game works fine, but as a suggestion, it would be nice to hold down the arrow key to keep moving.

Thanks for using the graphics!

Thanks! :) I'll check it out if you want when it's done!

That's clever, thanks for answering! I guess I'm just bad at the game. :P

Nice, simple concept. I wonder if all the random layouts are beatable - I seem to be ending up with a single dark square left half of the time.

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I just ascended (the required level is 50, not 400 like the tutorial says) and it made all the balls extremely expensive and weak for no clear reason. It also didn't reset the strength of my bonds and possibly made them stronger so they were able to one-shot everything. More importantly, when I tried to load my game later (after using the menu option to save it), it loaded my old save from before ascending (at level 50) except the boss target is duplicated - all my stats are back to what they were, and the prestige is gone.

Unfortunately, these bugs make it impossible to play the game the intended way, which is a shame because it's a fun idea.

Very cool concept. There should be a way to see how strong each ball currently is or it's hard to make informed decisions on how to spend the power points.

Something to consider is that not being able to go back to earlier levels makes it possible to get stuck in a vicious cycle where it's hard to progress but progressing is required to get more points. Maybe it should be possible to choose the level, or at least restart earlier.

Ahh it's not a problem! At least you made a game, even if it's not as clear as you wanted it to be. :)

I thought this was going to be another "QWOP", but it was actually very fun. Being able to stick the limbs in place made it a lot less frustrating than I expected it would be. Nice work!

At the part with the pretzel in the staircase, all the grey ground is pass-through for some reason. I fell out of the stage and got stuck there forever.

Wonderful game! Really love the spooky (but not scary) atmosphere. Took quite a while to find all the stripes. :)

Cute blob. The camera should go further down (at least while in the air) so it's easier to see where you're going to land.

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Very frustrating game. The idea for the controls is original but the banana rarely seems to respond as expected and sometimes just starts bouncing all over the place. Didn't like how the graphics went weird and creepy either so I gave up halfway through.

Very cute and awesome game! Reminds me of Kirby & the Amazing Mirror. Is it intended that some apples count as more than one? I ended up with 80/48 apples.

Very cool idea. Took me way too long to realise that you can shoot upwards.

After you buy a tower upgrade, your total DPS goes to zero until you build another tower, which means you get no offline money if you forget to fix it. Just a warning to others.

Liking the game otherwise, it's a really cool idea, though I realise it's no longer being worked on.

Can confirm that it works. Great work on the game! :)

I'm not sure I understand this game. I can generate food but my population never goes up. Then I get a warning that the gods demand sacrifice and it automatically sacrifices all my people, which gives me a game over. Is there something I'm missing? Is the game just bugged?

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Game loading didn't work for me, the game doesn't restore my saved progress. :( I checked again if there's a load option that I missed, but there's only the play button on the title screen.

Interesting idea, extremely difficult. Haven't been able to get the 1000 gold upgrade. Could use a way to see how much health the buildings have left and to turn off the music.

Idle community · Created a new topic Buggy numbers

I focused on the income upgrades and once I went past the billions, my money began to fluctuate into negative numbers. The population counter also behaved oddly and started being displayed as 0.001 million, which would only be 1000, but should have been way higher at that point.

Getting to that point took only a few minutes, which sadly made the whole thing pointless as there's no more progression except for glitching out the game.

This game needs a better progression curve. The TNT pays for itself very quickly once you have it so it doesn't take long to upgrade it to the maximum level, after which everything else becomes trivial to afford. I bought everything in the store at that point and didn't have anything left to do. Maybe the cost of upgrades should scale, or there just needs to be something more expensive to buy after the TNT.

Interesting concept, I liked having to hide behind the boxes to avoid getting caught. Not too fond of the random chance involved in the guard's pathing - the player's movement is too sluggish to respond to the changes so it mainly adds a luck factor, especially on the last level.

Always having to press R to retry after losing and N to go to the next level seemed pointless since there are no other options (and N isn't used anywhere else) - maybe just confirm with Enter? I also found it odd that the guard can't be trapped on a single space, since it looks like it should be possible.

Fun game and very clever, I especially like the moving platforms and the blocks toggled by gravity. I do wish the screen wouldn't shake so much, though.

I felt like the green aura was sometimes able to reach places it wasn't intended to, and I recall finishing one of the levels without needing the key as a result, but I don't remember which one. I also couldn't see the bottom row of objects when playing on the itch page, leading to some confusion, but that may be my browser and/or screen resolution's fault (Firefox 55.0.3 in 1024x768).

Cute idea, but not very engaging gameplay right now. Gets repetitive fast and I had to actively try to lose for the game to end (very easy to defend when only a small bit of pizza remains). Holding down the button becomes painful after a while and there seems to be no reason to let it go - maybe the gun should fire automatically?

Encountered a small graphics glitch where a projectile graphic got stuck near the middle of the screen - not sure how I did that.