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Very fun! It's always nice to see a puzzle that can do a lot with very basic elements.

This was really fun, it took a while to fully realise all the things I could change and figure out a strategy from that. It's a bit luck-based naturally but I did feel smart when I eventually beat the last monster through a slow survival approach.

Having played this for a bit now, it seems like the game is its own worst enemy performance-wise as actually taking advantage of the many increasingly fast and scattering balls like the game wants me to makes it slow down to a crawl, which is very counter-productive when it's supposed to make progression faster. Even turning the visuals off doesn't seem to affect performance at all, so there's essentially a hard cap on speeding up progression before it instead becomes a lot slower.

I'm also a bit baffled by the boss mechanic making you not only refight every boss every time but also fight them an increasing number of times. The bosses themselves are a cool concept but adding exponentially more refights just drags out the game in a way that isn't fun and is way slower than any other form of progression. I get the skills are supposed to be special, but it's just too much and made me not want to bother.

That aside, this is a nice concept and I definitely had fun up to this point.

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Wish I could export the save but clicking the button does nothing at all. Tried disabling all script- and ad-blockers and it still does nothing. It seems to be trying to use pastebin for something according to NoScript but it's not happening. I'm using Waterfox.

Nice game, unfortunately I ground-pounded at the wrong spot and got stuck permanently between two platforms, losing all my progress. I saw the cow but didn't know how to defeat it.

I was enjoying this, but I think it may be bugged because I kept losing health and eventually the game despite not letting anything through.

My towers were breaking candies right at the spawn point, and I lost when I broke a big swirly one, so what I think might be happening is that the candies that break into multiple are being detected as having escaped if they are destroyed at spawn because the smaller candies are spawning outside the map.

Fun game, but frustrating with the random enemy spawns when money is so tight. It seems Stage 3 provides just enough to defend against a specific kind of enemy sequence, but they often just don't spawn in that order/places so there's not enough money to defend against them. Had to restart many times before I got lucky.

Love the theme, though!

Game crashes/freezes after a few waves unfortunately. Tried a few times now and it always becomes unresponsive in the middle of a bat wave, after pressing Next about 5-6 times.

Fun, but the Endless mode seems way too hard (unless I'm doing something wrong). I finished the campaign, but I can't get past the first wave with fast gnomes in Endless even on the Easy setting. It's a huge leap in difficulty because there are so many fast gnomes and the cannon is not that strong yet.

I suppose I need to use the items more, but I found them a bit of a hassle since clicking one turns the cannon around and then I can't aim it while dragging the item. If the items were on keyboard shortcuts and appeared at the cursor when pressed, I would be using them more often (unless they already are and I didn't realise).

I feel like this game needed instructions because I couldn't really tell what was going on with the towers and why their appearance kept changing. I placed a lot of Smash & Squeeze towers (they don't actually cost anything) and it seems they "deteriorate", but it's not clear to me what causes it or what to do about it.

Fun game, but it sometimes bugs and the day never ends, forcing you to restart. I've had it happen on day 5, day 3, and twice on day 1.

I liked the simple selection of defenders, though I was surprised that I couldn't remove/replace them (unless there is a way and I just couldn't figure it out). It makes it so once the slots are full, you can do nothing but watch, with nothing to spend axes on.

Ooh, I'm liking this one. Having multiple enemy paths and having to plan around them quickly made it feel more like an action puzzle game. Oddly panic-inducing for a plushie game with relaxing music, lol.

Probably should have tried the installed version because the browser one slows down so much in the post-game with all the laser towers that I can't even click buttons anymore, lol. Fun game, maybe would be exciting to have this concept but with being able to fuse towers of different types into something new.

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Something seems off about the target-seeking and I don't know if it's intended. For some reason, the towers are often letting monsters through and just never shooting at them again if they couldn't kill them while they were "approaching" the tower, even though they're still well within range. It's almost like the range is actually a semi-circle on only one side of the tower rather than the indicated radius. All towers seem to do this and it's hard to play around because it's not really clear why they stop firing. :<

EDIT: A zephyr tower just let a boss monster pass and never shot at it at all. I placed two and only the first one shot once (and then stopped), while the second never attacked it. If it's an intended mechanic (do they run out of ammo?), I can't tell why it's happening.

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There should probably be an upper limit on troops, because they start slowing down the game a lot rather quickly (and spamming them after maxing out the upgrades seems to be the way to go for winning). It also freezes for some reason when trying to exit from the pause menu.

Fun concept, though. Wasn't expecting the RTS mechanics when finding this in the Tower Defense tag and they worked well. I don't think the map needs to be bigger than what's on the screen - I actually didn't know it was bigger until I read the description after completing the game (the rest is very intuitive, evidently!).

EDIT: Alternatively, maybe the troop cost could scale depending on how many there are, just like the upgrades get more expensive. I ended up with a lot of "dosh" in my playthrough, to the point where it became irrelevant and I could just spam-click the troop button.

Very interesting game. I like how smooth it is and the impact of the collisions.

Small bug: You can still click on the store text and purchase things while it's invisible. Doesn't really help, but a bit odd.

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Fun idea, but not sure what's going on with the aiming. It says it's automatic, but the rockets often seem to be aimed at nothing and then have to circle all the way around while the goblins make it to the basement. Often the goblin is right in front of the character and they shoot in the opposite direction, even when it's the only goblin left. Maybe there's a logic to it that I haven't figured out yet, but it felt unpredictable.

I'm also having the issue of the game freezing when playing again after a game over, but refreshing the page fixes that.

EDIT: Managed to complete the game now and it was fun. I felt like I had to take the firing rate/speed upgrades due to the rockets being so unreliable, though. Once the rares with no downsides dropped, the rest was very easy.

This is a cute game but it feels like it goes on for too long. There are some really clever ideas for puzzles/challenges but there's also a lot of filler in-between that just repeats them or does something much simpler than what came before it. By the time I got to 1-20 or so, I just wanted to get to the end (I eventually stopped at 33; wish it would tell you how many there are).

I liked the puzzles that did something new with the boxes. My favourites were using it to limit your jump height rather than to get higher up, the first door puzzle, and the (first) one with a door on a moving platform, which stumped me for a bit. Those felt good to figure out, I just wish it didn't repeat simple ideas so much.

Interesting game! The special bar felt difficult to fill up at first, though I've been managing more consistently since then. May just be a luck thing.

I like that it still lets you do the final shot even when the timer is at 0 as long as you clicked before it. High score is 52 right now.

That makes sense. Thanks for the reply, I thought I was going crazy trying to solve it, heh.

Having played through the rest of the levels now, I think "Shifty-Block-Stopper" may also be broken because the telekinesis power seems bugged while standing on ice (it moves things as far as possible instead of one tile at a time). Or maybe there's a way to work around that that I haven't discovered yet.

I really enjoyed the game overall, though!

I'm enjoying this game, but I can't seem to complete the "Panda-Mine-Yum" level. I've been looking at the hints but they make no sense, like they're not talking about the same level I'm looking at, and I can't think of any way to solve it either.

Any help?

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Thanks for fixing! It seems that has reset all my progress, though. Ah well. :s (It was the web version.)

I've gotten to the porcupine-like Gregory but now it won't save my game anymore. It says "game saved!" but every time I load it, it's back to right before I combined the Gregorys into that one, all later progress gone.

Was working fine before, obviously, as it did save it up to that point, but now it won't anymore.

It took me a while to understand the game, especially that I could click on the flying items and the thief, but it was fun after that. Perhaps a bit more clarity on what things are and what they mean could be good.

What I found odd was the autofire, which was active for me almost 100% of the time from a certain point and eventually began stacking up faster than it was running out, with no reason to stack it since the thief makes it so you can't "idle" for long. This made the autofire upgrades useless and made the flying items have a 50% chance to essentially give me nothing. By the end, I had almost 10 minutes of autofire time queued up. Perhaps it could be made less frequent or some other solution could be found (lower chance the more time is already queued up?).

All in all though, this was an interesting concept. Nice work!

Ahh good work on the update! I especially liked being able to speed up the production. There's a small visual glitch though where the shown cost of the speed upgrades doesn't increase. The actual cost increases as it should, though, so it's purely visual.

The numbers here are rather strange. Since the costs don't increase, each tier has a point where you can infinitely buy more because you're earning money faster than you can spend it. I worked my way up the tiers this way, but when I got to 1000 robot employees, the game slowed down so much my browser wanted to force-stop it.

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Either I'm not understanding something or the shop seems bugged. There's "0/2" under every item that never changes to a different number, and I need to have enough money to buy two of a consumable to actually buy it, otherwise it subtracts my money but doesn't purchase it (works fine for the clicker upgrades though).

If this is intended, then it's not clear to me why it's happening.

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Nice idea, but I cannot paste the code anywhere outside the game window because it only pastes a line break, so I can't actually export it. (Using Waterfox.)

EDIT: Oops, just noticed this was from last year and it's been on hold.

Click and drag a line with the mouse, and when you let go, the bird poops at that angle. It was clear to me from the game description, so I can't agree with the complaint.

Very clever! I liked that it's not too obvious at first what you're trying to do, but it fell into place for me once I realised it.

Neat! Got around to playing this today. The game works fine, but as a suggestion, it would be nice to hold down the arrow key to keep moving.

Thanks for using the graphics!

Thanks! :) I'll check it out if you want when it's done!

That's clever, thanks for answering! I guess I'm just bad at the game. :P

Nice, simple concept. I wonder if all the random layouts are beatable - I seem to be ending up with a single dark square left half of the time.

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I just ascended (the required level is 50, not 400 like the tutorial says) and it made all the balls extremely expensive and weak for no clear reason. It also didn't reset the strength of my bonds and possibly made them stronger so they were able to one-shot everything. More importantly, when I tried to load my game later (after using the menu option to save it), it loaded my old save from before ascending (at level 50) except the boss target is duplicated - all my stats are back to what they were, and the prestige is gone.

Unfortunately, these bugs make it impossible to play the game the intended way, which is a shame because it's a fun idea.

Very cool concept. There should be a way to see how strong each ball currently is or it's hard to make informed decisions on how to spend the power points.

Something to consider is that not being able to go back to earlier levels makes it possible to get stuck in a vicious cycle where it's hard to progress but progressing is required to get more points. Maybe it should be possible to choose the level, or at least restart earlier.

Ahh it's not a problem! At least you made a game, even if it's not as clear as you wanted it to be. :)

I thought this was going to be another "QWOP", but it was actually very fun. Being able to stick the limbs in place made it a lot less frustrating than I expected it would be. Nice work!