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Thanks Noli, glad you enjoyed my game! it was fun to make!

Good story! Like it ;-)

thanks Darkos! I appreciate your comments 👍

Agreed! ;-)

Thanks for the comments and feedback Valeriy! Much appreciated, I’m glad you liked my game. Yes I did wonder about that some sand tiles have collisions. I will be mindful of the how clearly passable tiles read in my next adventure! I like cave levels to! Hope we have a cave related theme in next Bitsy game jam! 👍

ahh cool, there’s some good hacks available! I used the Animal Crossing style narrative hack, works really easily, wud recommend as well 👍

Thank you @Continew! Good points! Yes animation adds a lot & I’ll defo do music on my next game. Yeah paperwork in game would be a drag! (...or would it be awesome!!😂😉 see what the next Bitsy jam theme is!)

thanks 👍

Reminds me of a classic retro game, Had trouble finding  all the items in the end. Maze search works well tho, thanks for submitting 👍

the multiple avatars are clever, interesting idea 👍

The dialog reminds me of adventure time, funny! Would love to see more 

love the graphics & colours! The switches are clever, would be nice to interact with more of the creatures. Enjoyed the exploring though 👍

love the art style, want to see more!

Great illustrations! The octopus is fantastic! Didn’t realise I was bra-less!

Atmospheric! The glitchy music is cool. Like a visual poem. Like the lonely character

Hey i enjoyed playing you’re mini game! It’s peaceful under the sea, Apart from that smoking fish had an attitude! I wanted to go in the fish’s caravan house. Thanks for submitting 👍

...I see what you mean, I think I assumed he is a  self deprecating dolphin! When really he’s just a dolphin out there in the ocean trying to do the right thing by his mates, by not eating them!!

I like having to choose at the end, good story 👍

like the idea of talking to the sea creatures, couldn’t find the end! Not bad for first jam 👍

Nice little game, like the fish out of water scene,  hadn’t thought of making a menu before, good idea👍 

Hey love the soundtrack, it’s awesome! The fish rave is funny, the fish knows what he’s doing on the decks! Like the colour scheme too 😀 fun

Great conversation, reminds me of some great anime narratives. Soundtrack adds a lot of depth to. Would be great to see more images and screens in your next one 👍 Good job

the graphics are really interesting. I love the unusual way you interact with the narrative and the soundtrack. Disturbing! But really clever 👍

Haha! I love the funny interaction, my faves are - “my shoes are vintage” & “I’m fine, just dead!” Love the hot red and green palette too. Funny nautical romp!

Soundtrack & images really add depth to your dark, poetic story. Great job 👍

This is great! brilliant concept, love the soundtrack and the journey to the bottom of the sea. Great job 👍

You tell the story so well with changing avatars, poetic! I like the different scenes 👍

if Echo the dolphin was made on the spectrum! Your dolphin is more self deprecating tho! Good game

great sketch, like the fish movement & graphics. Good piece of original music too, flappy fish sounds!

clever idea! The changing palettes is inspired 👍

like a piece of art! When the avatar is yellow over grey was a little difficult to see. But not a big issue, Really good 👍

Great story, like the graphics and the swimming is a great idea 👍

thank you for your feedback Aeter, much appreciated! Those towns folk love their Fanta!

Great atmosphere in your game, I love the dreamy soundtrack. I was thinking it’s like a visual poem. The giant’s causeway rock formations & water effects are a nice touch! The beach scene with inside & outside of shelters works nicely too. Want to see more! 

Hey Adam,

Thanks for update,

I discovered Bitsy as I was looking for a game jam to do this week. I was instantly drawn to the look of the games.

I was looking for something to make Zx Spectrum, MSX, C64 style games. The simplicity is genius!

After a few days I came across the features in the dialogue panel - the lock button & branching lists are so clever.I submitted to the “Sea Folk” jam this week, and I have to say how much fun Bitsy is to use! So simple and creative 👍

It’s great to hear you are working on new features.

My suggestion for a module would be a very simple SFX for basic things like footsteps and incidental sounds.

I used the text gibberish (animal crossing style) hack on my final version of my “Lost Harbor” game, which added a bit extra to the experience.

Keep up the good work, Bitsy is really great 😉 My new fave way to make games!


Excellant demo and tutorial