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What is different in the 5$ version

you really took time out of you're day to respond to something that was said a month ago took you that long to make a counter argument 


Is there or will there ever be a discord

yes I'm trying to get the new sceen with the golden apple and the horse 

Download able version


Will futa/gay options be added

so I'm on mobile trying to download the apk but it's not working I have 7 gb clear everytime it fails is there a chance I could get help if not could I possibly get a refund

man mentioned you're name once lol like you must really be a troll all he said was amazing name then he brought up you're comment history and you're defense is the fact he said something about you're name

ok thank you 

Should i have the game installed or does the apk include the game

Thanks for making an apk my laptop is worse than my phone lol

If you're talking about bottom right you're character will have a dream and it will say something about follow the red torch you go to the forest click a Redstone torch and do a puzzle

Will this ever be on Android I see it's made with rpg maker and I've seen some rpg maker apk's

I'm creating this because in my opinion all of the games are great and deserves both a remaster and a android port

Will there ever be a android port if not for this atlest for v2

Android eventually?

Apk won't work for me I've download many times before in other versions but now it just isn't working

Will part 1 ever get an apk

I think I found a way for you to add a apk without making controls for now just make it so you can play it on mobile with a xbox controller

Keeps saying this

oh sorry I thought I got her to 12 with iron but it might have just been from doing the milking 

It there any content with the cow once she runs out of dialog

Iron and wood

yeah thanks

But I mean the one you fight for the giant cock achievement it says gnu girl


where to find the giant enemy

Will there be a apk release

Keeps crashing when starting the game

Nvm fixed is but what's the code for the box that says pi 3 digits

I'm on Elsa I'm past the ice penis and it says talk to the lady in the lab but she is out trying to enable the security with tinker

Is the more than 1 sex scene

I'm on the apk and I can't leave the house what to do

Can't play on Android

I'll be back if this ever gets a apk

I'll be back if this gets a apk once it's complete

Can someone tell me how many images come in this