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android port

Dropped development?

Its on steam keel you're promise and go buy it or the landlord will get ya

Damn you i actually thought id have a choice with rin i thought that the 66% would be optional like you choose to save rin and possibly there would be a happy ending heck even if i didn't get any sex scenes other than the 33% i wouldn't have cared but what do i get i get well a porn game obviously I mean I can't be mad at you when I'm the one who had hope of fixing a sex adict in a porn game I'm stupid I do hope you will possibly make a optional ending if you ever decide to add more stuff to the game but it's already released a great game and I have no choice in wether you do pick it back up but what I will say is keep up the great work

Will there be a update soon?

I don't think the games finished so theres no real session length

I really hope you can port this to android it looks really good

(1 edit)

exactly it shouldn't matter to us because  we can download it no matter what but seeing as they have a publish fee on steam you know who it should matter to? The devs

Lets not forget the upload fee on steam

Or to be more reasonable like asking for a switch game because you had it on 3ds

You own it on one website thats like asking to get a game free on Playstation because you have a xbox copy

I haven't seen any games that promise that 

What is different in the 5$ version

you really took time out of you're day to respond to something that was said a month ago took you that long to make a counter argument 


Is there or will there ever be a discord

Download able version


Will futa/gay options be added

so I'm on mobile trying to download the apk but it's not working I have 7 gb clear everytime it fails is there a chance I could get help if not could I possibly get a refund

man mentioned you're name once lol like you must really be a troll all he said was amazing name then he brought up you're comment history and you're defense is the fact he said something about you're name

ok thank you 

Should i have the game installed or does the apk include the game

Thanks for making an apk my laptop is worse than my phone lol

Will this ever be on Android I see it's made with rpg maker and I've seen some rpg maker apk's

I'm creating this because in my opinion all of the games are great and deserves both a remaster and a android port

Will there ever be a android port if not for this atlest for v2

Android eventually?

Apk won't work for me I've download many times before in other versions but now it just isn't working

Will part 1 ever get an apk

I think I found a way for you to add a apk without making controls for now just make it so you can play it on mobile with a xbox controller

Keeps saying this

yeah thanks

But I mean the one you fight for the giant cock achievement it says gnu girl